Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Door To Heaven

Another neat C.O. Baptista christian film from the 1940s: The Door to Heaven:

The intro part and additional music at the start is by the weisenheimer YouTuber who posted this...but I do owe him thanks for putting it online.

Wooly!!!!, Noooooo!!!! :)

My friends will understand why I bought this movie two minutes after seeing this clip. :)

"When contaminated gas from an ancient mine create the formation of a giant mutant sheep, a Wild West tourist town becomes a chaotic nightmare. The 8-foot monstrosity wreaks havoc, spewing flammable orange gas and dancing with the town freaks! Captured by the corrupt, racist mayor, this hellbeast soon becomes a town attraction. Over-the-top, campy, and utterly hilarious, GODMONSTER OF INDIAN FLATS would make John Waters very happy."

With bonuses uncluding the music video "You Cannot Fart Around With Love", which I think my friend Wade will enjoy. Regrettably, it is not the love theme of Godmonster of Indian Flats, which would just be too cool. It comes from another film:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More interesting than the Tory efforts to make Harper look like Dwight Eisenhower, at any rate

(This Harry Enfield sketch was spotted by Tim Blair

Not my pastor's favourites... :)

Here are the trailers for my fave Christian movie, A Thief In The Night, and two of that film's sequels...

Please keep in mind that I like a little cheese with my movies. (And these movies were good evangelistic tools, back in the day.)

It was only a dream...OR WAS IT? :)

The 1941 version of The Rapture

This is The Rapture, a 1941 Christian film by C.O. Baptista Films

It's understandably old-fashioned, but I think it's a good explanation of the theological concept of "the Rapture".

Check out the footage of the crashing trains!

Lawn mower versus sheep, best of three falls

I think that comedian Stan Freberg would be aware, judging by his 1960s TV commercial for Jacobsen Lawn Mowers, that some people have toyed with the idea of using a sheep to mow their lawn.

Many years later, however, it would take Cecil Adams, genius columnist, to try to seriously answer the question "Could sheep replace the lawn mower?".

I'm Counting On You...

Here's Johnny O'Keefe, Australian pop star of the 1960's, with "I'm Counting On You", one of my very favourite songs.

He is miming to the record on an Australian TV show.

Help...Help...I'm being repressed!

Now that National Review Online reports that there is a national campaign for that *other* Palin, there's a groundswell for Michael Palin for President, this clip is more appropriate than ever....

You know, I think I was in an "anarcho-syndicalist collective" in my university days... :)

Elmo "hulks up"

An amine show in Toronto hosts a wrestling card that features guest wrestler....Tickle Me Elmo?!? Funny!

Hat tip: Wrestlecrap.

Today on a very special General Hospital....

The boys from MST3K clobber two early 1960s snippets from General Hospital...

You wiped your feet on the doormat of my heart...

The gang from Mystery Science Theater 3000 starts an episode by making fun of an early 1960s episode of General Hospital!

Their spoof starts 5 1/2 minutes into this video...

and continues in this video:

"You wiped your feet on the doormat of my heart!"

Today, we are singing with Heino! Today, we are singing with Heino!...

Heino, a German singer with blond hair and ever-present sunglasses, must be seen to be believed. Here he is on his TV show Sing mit Heino.

He's Mitch Miller with a side order of Bratwurst. :)

Tonight...on America Has Talent...

Farmer Cecil Dill shows how he can make music with his hands in a 1933 Universal newsreel:

It's a good thing that Joseph Pujol, "Le Petomane", was mostly retired by the time that sound newsreels came to exist. :)

Faire Le Lcomotion

I like the Sylvie Vartan cover version of The Locomotion almost as much as the original. :)

Neighbourhood Nuclear Superiority

I had never realized that I needed "Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority" until I saw this clip from Michael Nesmith's Elephant Parts:

I'm thinking that this would be kind of handy at my job. :)

Who doth inhabit first

On YouTube, two Elizabethan-styled actors perform a funny Shakespearian version of "Who's On First", perhaps assuming that the Bard of Avon at one time hosted three shows a day at Minsky's for some extra ducats...

Here's some more details from the original post on YouTube:

An Elizabethan twist on Abbot and Costello's famous vaudeville routine. Performed by STNJ actors David Foubert and Jay Leibowitz on New Year's Eve of 2006 in Morristown, NJ. Written by Jay Leibowitz and Jason King Jones.

How to interview, by Wierd Al Yankovic

It would seem that interviews are *much* better when you can make up the questions after you have the answers! If only I had know this during my Report days! :)

Weird Al Yankovic shows us how!

When he "interviews" Madonna...

Michael Stipe...

Paul McCartney...

Eminem... (Weird Al must have had fun with this one as Eminem messed up his plans to do a video spoof of one his songs)

Mick Jagger...

Paula Abdul...

Tom Petty...

Mariah Carey...

Billy Joel...

Ozzy Osbourne...

and George Harrison...

Best cover of Windy ever!

I have to ask myself, which is better...

Windy, as performed by The Association...

Or the cover version of Windy, as performed by Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson on The Drew Carey Show!

Faire Le Kangourou

It was a dance craze in Quebec--The Kangaroo!

Over 200% of your daily cholesterol needs

I must be hungry, as I am reading this Internet wag's description of Swanson's Hungry Man Breakfast, which he dubs The Breakfast From Hell.

Shatner! In! The! Sky! With Diamonds!

This amusing cartoon video accompanies William Shatner's definitive version of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.

Vote Socialist Turtle on October 14

Here's a link to the page on Upton's Universe where you can find mini-comics about a favourite comic character during my university days: Socialist Turtle by Vancouver cartoonist Colin Upton.

(I have a copy of his re-introduction in the January 1990 Discorder magazine which I am thinking of tacking by my desk at work, thus further befuddling my co-workers.)

Artist Upton recalls that the strip was "Mysteriously popular with kids." But Socialist Turtle is such a cuddly-looking agitator!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's very subtle, but I think they are implying that Jesus is their friend

Jesus is My Friend, by Sonseed

Hat tip: My friend Wade, who likes good music, so I can't imagine why he sent me this link.

No wait, yes I can. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thanks, Mom! :)

The Joe Meek master reel-to-reel tapes that I mentioned in an earlier post have sold for 170,000 pounds. (Not pounds of..., but Pounds sterling. Although, perhaps Joe himself would have been tempted by 170,000 pounds of sausage. "He was very fond of sausage..." :)