Wednesday, April 30, 2003

When those internet "What *** are you..." tests get out of hand...

You are a water soluble, heavy duty detergent designed for industrial cleaning. You may be used effectively on metals, plastics, rubber or concrete, and can be diluted with up to eighty parts water. You emulsify and hold oily soil in suspension for rinsing or wiping.
Find out what kind of industrial solvent you are

Happy Birthday, dear Spam

Brad Templeton, internet historian, says that May 3rd will mark the 25th anniversary of the first Spam message. People *hated* that message on Arpanet, as you will read here, in a reprint of that first piece of Spam and some of the reactions to the message. I think you'll find it an interesting piece of 'net lore.
Are you a snob?

Are you on a second name basis with Mr. French on Family Affair? Do your maids have maids? Do you refuse to sully your skirts with things, even though you are a man? Then, you may pass this PBS "Are you a snob?" quiz.
"Mmmmm, Simpsons list...."

According to England's Guardian newspaper, 300 reasons why we love the Simpsons.

Mmmm, Simpson-y.
Who needs the Arrow?

An article, complete with diagrams, from a June 1955 issue of LOOK Magazine speculates that all those pesky flying saucers are actually the fault of the Canadians. Canadian scientists working for the A.V.Roe company, the article hypothesizes, had developed working models of UFOs.

No wonder Diefenbaker shut down the Arrow fighter program. With all this Plan 9 From Outer Space technology, RCAF airplanes were completely unnecessary.

Be reassured, however, that my tongue is in my cheek. Project overruns, however, might explain all those Trudeau and Mulroney era budget deficits. ("Yes, we urgently need to spend all that money on 'bilingualism' and 'social programs', or else the Martians will, er um, or else our people will suffer...")

(very large :) )
Buffy the Vampire Slayer fails to strike a blow for property rights

You can tell when a blog is conservative when an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer leads to a brief discussion, at Enter Stage Right, of whether Buffy did enough, as the owner of her house, to prevent its expropriation by her friends.

What should I do now, start watching the show and rooting for the demons in the hope that they are libertarians?

Uh, oh, I'm starting to feel like Stanley Fish....

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Anne...straight from the hip

...has an interesting post on what it is like to work as a Hollywood extra for a day.
Family dog develops mysterious afro hairdo

Meet Alaska inventor and boffin Dick Garrison who has a 750,000 watt Tesla coil in his living room as you can see in this picture. As you'll read in the article, he's done all sorts of things, even selling pianos to houses of ill repute.

A tip of my fedora to Fark...please try the link at left.

Monday, April 28, 2003

The Great Commoner predicts

Colby's mention of William Jennings Bryan reminds me of his failed 1900 prediction that he would be elected President. He was making a campaign speech during that election, notes Jane O'Boyle in her book Wrong Again!, when he said:

"Friends, tonight my little wife will be going to sleep in a cramped little hotel room on the other side of town, but come next March, she'll be sleeping in the White House!"

O'Boyle adds that after he said this, some wag in the crowd yelled out, "Well, if she does, she'll be sleeping with McKinley because he's gonna win!"
Cold dead fingers dept.

Kevin Steel explains why private gun ownership helps to promote personal freedom, which is always a good thing.
Find out where you sit on the political spectrum taking the World's Smallest Political Quiz

Sunday, April 27, 2003

Lucy: "I had to hit him. He was starting to make sense."

I am linus

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

Saturday, April 26, 2003

Well, George Blanda could still suit up

Charolotte Chambers, who is 70 years old, plays tackle football for the Orlando Starz women's football team. The link is to a TV news story with footage of her playing football. ( ! )

Thanks to Fark.

Help, Help, I'm being repressed!

At least I'm not a member of an "anarcho-syndicalist collective"....

Well, u-- um, can we come up and have a look?

What Monty Python Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

...more posts later :)

Friday, April 25, 2003

Exercise, or don't graduate

As you will see in this story, the British Columbia government is making it a requirement that spend at least 80 hours doing some sort of exercising, before you can graduate from high school! Education minister Christy Clark says that you can use yoga or even going snowboarding as part of your graduation requirement.

Some random thoughts:

1. If the B.C. government really believed that its students have to be fit, it would spend enough money to hire enough teachers and buy enough equipment so that students could take compulsory P.E. 11 and P.E. 12 classes. Doing this is a bit of an empty gesture...

2....but an annoying gesture. What business is it of the government's that I am fit or not, if I am a student? If they are going to get involved in that, then they shouldn't be as libertarian when it comes to other moral issues affecting students.

3. If they have to enforce this idea, what safeguards do they have to ensure that students actually do these things? Are they going to bring back the Participaction tests...if so, I would be the oldest Grade six student ever.


The dullest blog in the world.

Watch for this truly dull weblog to clean up at the Anti-Bloggies next year. The poster has to be self-aware, however. It wouldn't pass the Incorrect Music test (If you are trying to make bad music, it isn't Incorrrect). In this case, perhaps...if you are *trying* to be dull, you're not
When movies go to war

The thoughtful looking Movieblog has some comments on why American war movies seem to have recently been popular Iraq while at the same time different American war movies that have just come out didn't do so well at the box office.

Interesting reading!

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Boss shuts down Horgan's weblog

For many years, columnist Denis Horgan had a popular column in the Hartford Courant newspaper. Recently, his editors reassigned him to be the paper's travel section editor and Mr. Horgan decided to start his own weblog, where he continues slice-of-life observations on the Red Sox, for example. Now, his bosses have told him to shut down the commentary part of his weblog. Cosmo Macero, a Boston newspaper columnist who for now has his own weblog, argues that the paper is being dumb in this instance, passing up an opportunity to get readers from the internet by letting Mr. Horgan do columns, for free, on the side and linking to stuff they might want promoted in the Courant.

Nardwuar Mania!

If you recently went to the University of B.C., you may remember my old acquaintance Nardwuar The Human Serviette.

Mr. Serviette has a habit of popping up at press conferences and other places in order to ask the most amazing questions. He elicited the comment "I put pepper on my plate" from Jean Chretien --you can see and hear the details here. During his encounter with Ernest Angley the evangelist was so exasperated that he almost tried to cast demons out of Nardwuar.

I'm happy to see that he is still on the UBC radio station CiTR...17 years and counting. The above link, which talks about his career a little bit, is a promo for the upcoming CiTR reunion. This is a good biographical article. His website has lots of audio files of his aural misadventures.

He's off the beaten path and back again and then off the other side, but he's a nice guy. I suggest you check it out.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

"Please do not lick this page"

Cool ads from Life Savers (see slogan above) and other candies from a 1949 candy retailer catalogue.

Lots of candies you've probably never heard of...I hadn't heard of some of them.

"Please do not lick this page"

Cool ads from Life Savers (see slogan above) and other candies from a 1949 candy retailer catalogue.

Lots of candies you've probably never heard of, like very hard indeed. Funny...but wow, tell us what you really feel. :)

Which Simpsons character are you most like? Follow the link and find out.


Jonah Goldberg is sad that he isn't mentioned in a Times story on The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations for popularizing the phrase "cheese-eating surrender monkeys". This is a phrase he took from The Simpsons, so such whinging is unseemly given that this phrase has helped him into a career as a syndicated columnist, speaker at colleges and TV talking head.

What else could he want? His footprints in cement at Mann's Chinese Theatre? The power to decide who lives and who dies ?

I'd count my blessings if I were Mr. Goldberg.

Latest sign of the apocalypse

From Reuters, a story on O.J. Simpson's new TV Reality Show.

Thanks, Fark.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Latte, uber alles

Jeremy Lott's newest column demonstrates the domination of coffee in the Starbucks era. Jeremy lives in a teeny NW Washington State town which has two espresso stands and an espresso bookstore.

I have lived not too far away from where Jeremy lives and would like to point out how amazing this is. Lott-burg is a really small town, which lacks several things that I had readily available in my wee home town, so it's surprising that there are three places to buy fancy-shmancy coffees.

I don't drink coffee, though. On the rare occasions that I indulge, I drink tea. I'd be considered gauche at high tea with the Queen as I drink my tea castled (with milk and sugar).
Is Mr. Neutron one of the options?

An online What Monty Python Character are you? test.
Oh, that devil !

That former Iraqi Information minister is breaking hearts all over the blogging world. Just ask Moxie.

A tip of my blogging fedora to Matt Moore, whose post was also fun to read.
Arf !

A Japanese company has announced plans to market a dog translation device in the US, this summer. It's not a universal translation doohickey like in Star Trek, but it works by doing computer analysis of your dog's barks and whines. The device then can make a general assumption about whether your dog is happy, angry or sad and gives you a handy human phrase to let you know what the dog is probably barking.

300,000 of the $120 US gadgets have already been sold in Japan. Unless you prefer the simpler methods of guessing what the dog says of course. "Let's see, Rover just peed on the carpet so those barks must have meant 'Please let me out'!"

Monday, April 21, 2003

We don't have cooties, for goodness sake!

Like Colby Cosh, I'm also glad that Sam Mikes has decided to subscribe to the magazine that I work for, although he does add an amusing story of how people fall all over themselves to say that they don't read "Alberta Report". I'm used to that. My pastor, for example, reads several news periodicals and newspapers and quotes them in sermons, but he hasn't shown any evidence from the pulpit that he has ever got around to reading the magazine that I work for.

I can top that. When I first started freelancing for B.C. Report as the conservative magazine then was, I was still writing for The Ubyssey during an era when the latter publication was edited by ultraliberal anarchists, feminists, gays and lesbians. Once in a blue moon, I covered the same subject for both periodicals!

I remember once that one of my editors, who was a friend, was quite perturbed that I hadn't lead with the criticism from a leftist critic when the news, in my opinion, was what the speaker was saying during his visit. (The critical material was there in the story, but I had it further down in the story so it would make better sense to the reader when he was reading it. Mr. X said A, but y says that A is wrong because...)

Getting back to that story, I remember that the editor was a little perturbed that I had "buried" what he felt was the news. He said "Rick, this reads like something I would read in B.C. Report!"

"Thanks!" I replied, smiling.

The Ubyssey got their digs in one year by hiding the fact from me that their annual spoof parody issue was to be of B.C. Report, with my "work" prominently featured. I only found out when the spoof was laid out in the newspaper. Little did they know that my new colleagues at the Report thought that parts of the spoof were pretty funny. I wasn't offended...but I did enjoy pointing out various places where they had made errors in copying the Report's style and layout.
Bigfoot lives!

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman for a story I did on the recent debate on whether a US man had faked the existence of Bigfoot.

His website is an interesting introduction to mysterious creatures that may or may not exist, such as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. I suggest that you give it a look.
The Brooklyn Dodgers of the NHL

Well, I'm waiting for game seven of the Vancouver-St. Louis series on Tuesday. The Canucks have managed to win the last two games to make it a one game takes all series.

I was talking to Colby Cosh about work related matters when we began to talk about the series.

"Well," I said. "I am pulling for the Canucks, but they will need some help."

I knew, although he didn't say anything, that Colby's eyebrows were rising. "Some help???" he said. The Blues have been hit severely by the flu, and Todd Bertuzzi's checks have clobbered several players. "How much more help do the Canucks need?" he added.

I told him that as someone who has cheered for the Canucks for 25 years, I tend to be hopeful but pessimistic.

I guess, now that I think about it, that the Canucks may be the Brooklyn Dodgers of the NHL. Before they moved to L.A., the Dodgers went for years and years without winning a World Series, but the fans stuck with them anyways. It's the same with the Canucks. In the past 33 years, they have made the Stantley Cup finals only twice, although they did take the New York Rangers to seven games in 1994.

(The Dodgers finally won a World Series in 1955, so I hope that the Canucks win a Stanley Cup at least once in the next 50 years. Before I die.)

Yes, I'm a bit of a pessimist, but it's just that I have seen so many blown breakaways--Thomas Gradin once had a breakaway on an empty Bruins net and hit the post--and other gaffes by the Canuckleheads, that I am sad but not surprised when they mess up.

I will keep on cheering for the Canucks though. Sometimes optimism dies very hard even in the heart of a cynical journalist. One of my friends, who lives in Vancouver, has started cheering for the Colorado Avalanche because he wanted to cheer for a team that wins. (He's never lived in Colorado, so that's not it.) That's something I would never do.
It has the Instapundit seal of approval!

For all your Bass-flavoured power drink needs--the Super Bass-O-Matic 2000 :)

Sunday, April 20, 2003

Saddam sings!

The CIA propaganda station in Kuwait is broadcasting a spoof of Gangsta's Paradise in which Saddam Hussein sings, or rather, raps. Some lyrics :

"Bush wanna kick me, I don't know why and if I call him, he does me goodbye.
"Smoking weed and getting high. I know the devil is by my side.
"My days are finished and I will die -- all I need is chili fries."

They're spending tax dollars on song-poems!

The BBC story on this has a low-fi recording of the song. Look for the link on the top right of the linked page.
Is my pet cute?

The Am I Hot or Not concept has been extended to dogs. Is your dog as cute as the ones at Perhaps you'd like to compare your dog to their top 10 cutest dogs.

Although I am not a cat person, in the interests of fair play here's a link to Rate My Kitten. And I must admit that their top 10 kittens are cute.
Meerkat fans, rejoice!

...for you have a website. Meerkats, it says, are funny and cute animals.
Well, I'll be...

The old B.C. Report website
is still online! The site includes samples of our old columns and several cover stories from 1997 to 1999. B.C. Report, as it then was, was British Columbia's conservative news magazine. It was folded into The Report, which has transmogrified yet again into the Citizens Centre Report.

If you have some time to spare, see if we were prescient in what we wrote. No giggling if we missed anything, please.

Saturday, April 19, 2003

It looks like the Crystal Cathedral!

Amy Hughes has made a Lego church model. It looks amazing, so check out the pictures of the church made of Lego.

In the words of the creator it took...

....about a year and a half of planning, building and photographing. It was a big project, but it was less time than most people spent watching TV during that same year and a half. How big is it? About 7 feet by 5 1/2 feet by 30 inches (2.2 m x 1.7 m x .76 m)

When I was a kid, I was happy to do a small airplane or train, so something like this would have been beyond me.

Despite being harrassed by giant neighbourhood cats--the pictures of these cats inside the church reminded me of The Amazing Colossal Man--the project was completed successfully.

It's not something I would do myself, but it's interesting to look at.

A tip of the hat to Kathy Shaidle for spotting it.
British designer invents inflatable church

According to this Reuters story, Michael Gill thinks that his 14 metre tall blow-up church would be a great evangelism tool. He's trying to market it to the Anglican church and the Vatican. It comes with fake stained glass windows.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Enough joy and frivolity...

Happy Birthday Kevin, but I am afraid that I can't afford to buy your wish list items for myself, let alone you. Maybe next year. ( :) )
Fortune tellers predict Canucks win... the hockey game against St. Louis tonight.

Let's see if astrologer Tim Stephens and tarot card reader Gayle are right.

Update. They were...but when there's a 50-50 choice, I'd say that is hardly valid.
He is risen indeed

How to make your own coloured Easter eggs, should you feel so inclined.
This book has its downs and downs

Colby Cosh notes in passing that he is reading Gibbon. I'm guessing Gibbon's Decline and Fall Of The Roman Empire. I have the six volume unabridged Everyman's set, which I picked up used for $25. It's in my books-that-I-should-read-someday stack. I wonder what version of Gibbon's Colby is reading.

I'm sure it will be good whenever I start reading it...but this reminds me, for some reason, of books that I struggled to finish. (I haven't started Decline and Fall because it looks like a daunting reading task.)

Hard for me to finish books that come to mind:

War and Peace (I bought that on summer vacation when I was a teenager, believe it or not.)

The Brothers Karamazov

Josephus' History (never finished it)

Anna Karenina

The Good Soldier Schweik (two false starts on starting it)

The Pickwick Papers (I thought that Oliver Twist and David Copperfield were okay. I guess that when I was younger I never developed enough of a taste for Dickens to appreciate this one.)

The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy (no wonder this new paperback was on sale!)

A book by one of my political science professors, which I traded in after I finished the course. The fact that it was an 8 A.M. class didn't help.

...What books could you not finish?

(I'll sleep on this and add more to my list if they come to mind.)

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Weblogs: The TV show

Producers are looking worldwide for webloggers to participate in their new show about weblogs.

Okay...for Rick's Miscellany:The TV Show, I would like it to be filmed in the Rose Bowl with a cheering capacity crowd, a marching band, circus animals and the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. My artist rider stipulates that I get a bowl of M and Ms with all the red ones removed and that the letter Q
is to be removed from the English language. Oh, and the part of Rick has to be played by Russell Crowe.

( :) )

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Worst day in gym. Ever.

Secret Agent Josephine remembers a really embarassing episode from one of her childhood gym classes. I sympathize with her, as what happened to her is even worse than the time I told my PE teacher to go do something physically impossible to himself.

It's a neat story, so you should read other parts of her weblog too.
Was Dear Raed fake?

Steven den Beste wonders if Salam Pax, that Iraqi blogger was possibly a hoax. He brings up some good points, including the infamous hoax blog, Kaycee Nicole.

Check it out.
I guess Arthur was already taken

From AP: TNN changes its name to Spike, seeking male viewers
Cecil Green dies

Cecil Green, a founder of Texas Instruments, has died. As this obituary notes, he never forgot that he was raised in Canada.
Bedrooms of the nation, no. Locker rooms of the nation, yes.

Given that the late Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau believed in economic interventionism, it's probably not a surprise that he responded to public pressure and tried to browbeat Hockey Canada into including Bobby Hull on the Canadian team that played the Russians in 1972, according to recently released cabinet documents. Hockey Canada didn't put Hull on the team on the grounds that they didn't want to reward Hull for jumping from the NHL to play in the WHA.

Aside from the question of whether Hull should have played in the series, why should a Canadian P.M. be persuaded to spend his valuable time to get involved in such matters? The cabinet, the story notes, even took time to discuss the issue. Granted, Trudeau foes would say that any time that Trudeau spent on such side issues was ultimately good for Canada given how he performed while on the job. However, I would reply that anything that gets politicians away from the mindset of "I am a mighty politician. I can provide or fix anything." would be much healthier for Canadian politics.

Mr. Trudeau's lobbying on Bobby Hull's behalf, then, would be an example of politicians being distracted from their work by something unimportant.

Why I won't win the Art Ross

No wonder I was not great at ball hockey when I was a kid. According to hockey boffins cited by Colby Cosh, I had my hands in the wrong places on the stick!
Learn about poutine, and other things

Mystified about my country? Try An American's Guide to Canada.

The next Jonah Goldberg?

I'm pleased to see that my friend Jeremy Lott will have a weekly column in the online version of The American Spectator.

Well, maybe I want him to be Jonah Goldberg without the annoying parts.
Jesus gets to sit at the back of the bus

A Slate article--Jesus in Baghdad argues that Christian relief groups shoulod be kept out of Iraq on the grounds that they will proselytize and annoy the local Muslims.

Funny, but I thought that one of the precepts of democracy, which the Americans are trying to teach in Iraq, is learning to tolerate those groups you disagree with. Allowing Christians to witness should be part of that process, lest the local Muslims learn that they can raise an eyebrow and intimidate secularist politicians into silence.
Michael Moore, "documentary" maker

A site has been launched that seeks to lobby to take away Michael Moore's Oscar on the grounds that Bowling for Columbine was full of fiction.
He has to be kidding...I think

Glenn Reynolds explains why he weblogs.

I *think* this was a tongue-in-cheek response, but as Instapundit is a very popular weblog, he might be telling the truth. Hmmm...( :) )

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

An excellent weblog

I keep trying to add Kathy Shaidle's Relapsed Catholic to my permalinks, but Blogger is being cranky.

Doesn't stop you from checking out the above link if you haven't seen it before, though.
It's Miscelanea De Rick!

Bet you didn't know that I can weblog in Spanish? Neither did I!

Thanks to someone in Spain who did a Google search that stumbled onto my site, here's a peek at part of my blog as it looks once it is run through Google's beta translator.
You'd pay me to put on clothing. Trust me.

The weblog a small victory, which looks like fun reading, offers what I hope is a tongue-in-cheek idea for building up your weblog's readership:

plug time

Andy promised if I posted this he would sexually harass me. And for every person I send over to his site, he will give me a dollar. And for every person that votes or nominates someone, Andy will remove a piece of clothing and the take pictures of himself when it's all over. I hear he has a cute ass.
Place your bets now

Chimptopia wonders if Bob Hope will make it to 100. Have a look at the recent photo of Hope posted there and see what you think.

As one commenter noted, all his good deeds certainly didn't hurt his quest for longevity.

My TV magazine has a cover profile of Hope tagged to an upcoming 100th anniversary special next week. Mr. Hope, the article notes, hopes to beat a family record set by his grandfather, who died one week short of this 100 birthday.

Bob Hope's 100th birthday, crossing our fingers, will be May 29th.
"It's a good thing that carpal tunnel syndrome isn't fatal..."

A weblog called this page intentionally left blank...with writing all over it!
Humming the Hockey Night in Canada theme...

Even though he cheers for the Oilers, I like Colby's Stanley Cup playoffs weblog.

Waiting for the Hockey News in the mail? The Hockey Pundits Weblog will keep you sated in the meantime.

You can buy anything on eBay

You can buy and sell anything on eBay.

The entries at Bidboy offer proof of that assertion.
"Israel has to know France is its main enemy...."

France is Not a Western Country Anymore...a column appraising the effect that France's six million Muslim immigrants have had on French society. Some profound changes...*if* what is reported is so.

(Funny, but I thought that the millions of Arabs who live right beside Israel would be a bigger threat...c'est incroyable!)

Monday, April 14, 2003

A partial Ubyssey index

UBC's archives is slowly working on a project to index the older issues of University publications, including issues of the vilest rag west of Blanca, The Ubyssey.

The index, still being compiled, comes up to the year 1953. The articles themselves aren't posted online...but it's a start.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

Collecting lunch boxes

Yes, people collect lunch boxes! According to Lunch Box Bonanza!, some can be quite valuable.

I came in during the era of non-descript plastic lunch boxes. At least, that's what my mom usually bought for me.

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Revenge of the boomer journalists

The UBC journalism school magazine does a story asking how the dominance of Baby Boomer affects Canadian journalism.

My take, based on someone else's masters students' thesis from around 1991, is that the Boomers are keeping Canada's papers from swinging to the left. Based on my anecdotal study of what the journalists who are now in their 30s usually wrote during their student press, Canada's newspapers of the future will be very politically correct.
Behind door number three...

You're a contestant on Let's Make A Deal. Is it better to keep the prize you have won, or should you trade it for what's behind door number three. One study of what has been called The Monty Hall Problem found that contestants who traded for what was behind the door where the lovely Carol Merril (sp?) was standing usually wound up with a better prize.

Thanks to David J

I heard it was a popular strip bar

The city of New Westminster has given The Paramount, a local strip bar, a $50,000 renovation grant. A tax subsidy for a strip bar!

The Paramount is housed in one of the city's "heritage buildings" and the city uses the excuse that no other suitable tenant will ever go into the space unless there is better ventilation.

Al would be sad to hear, however, that a spokesman for the property owners wants a "cabaret" in there instead.

I remember something ironic. My magazine, which was then The Report, is very conservative and has lots of Christian readers. For a couple of years, our advertising staff sublet a small room in New West from a property management company next to the Paramount. I would go in regularly to fetch magazines to send to people I interviewed. Whenever I went up and down the stairs to the office, I could hear the base-heavy stripper music bleeding through the wall of the stairs.

Before you ask, I didn't hear anything else.
The Hedgehog that ate Glasgow

The fun blog Island Life has a recent entry on how some people in the Hebrides want to get rid of the non-native hedgehogs who are swarming over the islands like The Blog in the movie of the same name.

Well perhaps not that bad, but they reproduce an amusing cartoon of what some locals want to do to get rid of the pests.

Here's a more serious BBC appraisal of the problem.
Am I arf or grrr?

How Pretty is my Pet is a pet version of Am I Hot or Not?

Check it out!
Odd headline of the day

From the April 3 Aldergrove Star:

Cathouses needed

MetroValley News

There's a housing shortage in Langley Township — for cats.
On March 17, representatives of Canadian Animal Rescue and Extended Shelter (CARES) told council it would like to lease municipal property for a cat shelter....

Friday, April 11, 2003

"And the loveliest of all was the Hereford cow, er, unicorn!"

An amazing story from the Edmonton Journal about an Alberta Hereford cross cow that has an extra horn that makes it look like a unicorn! The story has a picture of the "unicorn" cow too.
The five greasy food groups

Cubicle Dweller explains how he plans to compensate for accidentally eating something healthy.

Uh Oh

There's a rumour flying around Ottawa that the Liberals will call a snap federal election if the Parti Quebecois is re-elected in the current Quebec election. Chretien will run again as leader, and allegedly, the Liberals have already made some enquiries with Elections Canada.

Kevin Steel has the skinny on what he recently learned about the rumour.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

We love you al-Sahaf, oh yes we do...

A tongue in cheek tribute to Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf: We Love the Iraqi Information Minister.

They have T-shirts too!
Do one good wag per day

In the U.S., there's a group for dogs (and their owners) called the Dog Scouts of America.

Is your dog smart enough to pass the Dog Scout Test? Follow the link and see.

I suspect my dog friend Gizmo would have to start at the Dog Cubs level....but if I happen to hear differently, I shall let you know.

Thanks to Fark.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Still ill

...more posts after I finish my work.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

No fighting during the pre-game skate

If you are very interested in an NHL playoffs blog, check out Colby Cosh's weblog on the road to the Stanley Cup.
Cute animals update

Like a break from Iraq news? Tired of the Iraq war? Here's some pictures of cute baby sheep...lambs!

Thanks to the nice looking farm that posted the pictures. It's not like I get Instapundit numbers of hits, so it should be okay. :)
How Saddam blew it

Military historian John Keegan, in the Telegraph explains how Saddam Hussein should have organized his military strategy better.

Monday, April 07, 2003

And the Bloggie goes to...

A Detroit News story on weblogs is a good introduction to weblogs. It also mentions that there are annual weblog Awards, the "Bloggies", for the best weblogs and The Anti-Bloggies Awards for the worst.

I need to get back to my upcoming Anti-Bloggies entry post: "I had a cheese sandwich today, Part 24"....

Thanks to Anne Central for the link.

Sunday, April 06, 2003

Crossing the Internet Rubicon

Colby Cosh spotted this while I was away...

As an article in this morning's Province newspaper (sorry, no link) notes, everybody is weblogging these days. Even Julius Caesar! Well, I kind of suspect that the baud rate from ancient Gaul is rather slow, but this blog looks like an interesting way to learn a bit about ancient Rome. Check it out.

I do wonder, though, if this means that Caesar has given up his day job as front man of the 1960s Quebec rock band C├ęsar et les Romains, a band whose gimmick was to dress up on stage as ancient Romans.

Caesar, the first warblogger!

Friday, April 04, 2003

There's nothing wrong with this hamburger...

Cubicle Dweller has a funny story about his days working in fast food hell.

(Unless, perhaps, you were the person who ordered the hamburger in his story....)
No money down

Jeremy Lott, in response to a question I asked him, explains that weblogging can be helpful to a blogging journalist:

Well, I'm not going to throw out figures, but my blogging has conferred some modest financial benefits, in addition to "fun." A few entries have been picked up, pretty much as-is, by other outlets. About half a dozen short posts have been developed into articles, usually at an editor's request. The nuking Mecca flap, for instance, started out as a blog entry. Also, opportunities to write for Comment and the National Post have resulted directly from someone reading my blog.

For any working writer, there are a lot of other long-term benefits to running a blog: You can build an identity quite apart from any publication. Interested readers can be alerted when new articles are published. Potential employers--both freelance and long term--can get a much fuller sense of who they're dealing with. You can say what you want, when you want.

OK. I'm glad that weblogging is proving somewhat helpful to him. I think, though, that working the fax, e-mail and phone is probably more helpful to Jeremy. I sort of doubt that lots of people would want to buy a steer from farmer Jeremy (article for pay), when he has a "Free Meat!" stand (weblog). But then again, I am an old dog who needs to learn some new tricks that come as second nature to bright young pup (in a nice sense) Jeremy.

For calls out of the blue, I can imagine that a weblog can be a big help in introducing yourself. "Never heard of me before? Here's my weblog, here are some online stories of mine...."

It's worth thinking about.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

April fools!

The Prince Rupert Daily News still tries to have a sense of humour. From the front page of their April 1 edition, a funny story that didn't make it onto, for some reason:

Port Ed potential Disney North?

Eager to cash in on the cruise ship-fuelled tourist boom set to ignite on North Coast, confidential sources say the Disney Corporation is eyeing Port Edward for a "modest-sized" Canadian theme park....

It ends with a local mayor being quoted as saying "Sounds like an April Fools joke to me."



An internet wag has created a "weblog" for Kim Jong Il.

Thanks for National Review's The Corner for the link.
Kittens! (A Happy post)

In the interest of fair play, since I posted a link to puppy pictures, here are some kitten pictures.

I'm not a cat person, but these kittens are cute.
One heart. Grade A, large

Victor Olivier, my magazine's editorial assistant, has retired. Why should I care, you say? Well,
Victor is a model of how to create a better atmosphere in your workplace by encouragement, hard work and good humour. Building hope in other employees, instead of detracting from it. If your co-workers are unregenerate bastards, it might do you some good to know how one nice co-worker can make a difference.

Some tributes to Victor from:
Kevin Steel and
Kevin Michael Grace and
Dave Stevens

It would be gilding the lily to add much to these. But I would like to mention that Victor, who collaborated with me on the Record section of the magazine, had a little running joke that he liked to say when we occasionally spoke on the phone.

"Hello, this is Rick calling," I would say over the phone.
"Hello, Mr. Calling. How are you?" he would reply.
Cough, sniff

Blogging may be light in the next few days as I have a cold that I am trying to get over. I will see what I can do though...but if, sadly, there ain't no posts, that's the main reason.

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

It's Canada's shame, says Alliance MP

Alliance MP Monte Solberg tees off on the Liberal handling of Canada's role in the war in a National Review Online column.
Dog bites man

The Victoria Times Colonist has spoken to Peter Arnett's brother, who is not surprised that his famous brother was sacked.
War protests update!

The Chilliwack Times reports that there is a booming anti-Iraq war movement there. One person.