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Was Faytene ahead of the curve?

Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Dec 20. 2013 The Dec. 20 Supreme Court of Canada decision striking down several Canadian laws regulating how prostitution operates in Canada would certainly be dismaying to some Canadian social conservatives. But they must recognize that they were warned that something like this could happen. Although lawmakers are allowed a year to try again with new laws, you could expect what happened with the 1980s SCOC decision to happen again: For whatever reason no replacement laws regarding abortion were passed, and it would very tempting now for legislators to reason that the courts have spoken ans throw up their hands. But there is an aspect about this case, and others potentially like this, that could cause both "sides" of this issue to suspect that their friends in Ottawa are asleep at the switch.

He's too sexy for this post. Too sexy for this...

{Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Dec 12 2013] It's a big day for Robert Grasseschi today as I write (December 12) Today, according to Faytene's Facebook feed, he will be taping a segment for The 700 Club to air in the new year. He will no doubt talk about his testimony and his past as a basketball player and then a model overseas. Perhaps he will be allowed to promote his book The Catwalk To Christ. This is worthy of brief note, because it would be a big step towards developing an identity of his own instead of being merely "husband of". Robert strikes me as a a nice guy, so I hope this goes well for him. It's not his fault that when he mentions the modelling part of his testimony, I am so often reminded of the Right Said Fred song and it begins to play in my mind. Hope he is the forgiving type. :) Although I would get it if Faytene found him "So sexy it hurts." Totally understandable. ;) Good luck, Robert.

Speaking of porn...

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Dec. 11 2013] Christians are not merely handing out Scripture portions to target the porn industry, as the news this morning will attest. This past weekend, The Manchester Guardian reported that the porn industry centered in Los Angeles faces a bit of a perfect storm. For the third time in a year, porn filmmakers in and around the city will face a temporary shutdown of their work after a performer tested positive for HIV. Also, a new local law that mandates that all actors must wear condoms when being filmed is leading porn makers to flee the city. The latest wrinkle, according toe Charisma News, is that a national day of prayer, sponsored by 40 US groups, was already taking place on December 10, to have Christians pray as they felt led about the issue. Although how people get their porn is changing wildly these days, the atmosphere that will replace it could pose problems of its own. And the porn industry has historically proved very resilient. [Scroll down to "stag films" here . I guess we'll have to prayerfully see what happens.

Jesus Loves Porn Stars

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on Dec. 4 2013] 100_0987[1] It's certainly the most different Gospel of John that I have recently seen. It's produced by, which reaches out to the "porn industry", and those affected by "porn addiction". You can tell, as "Jesus Loves Porn Stars includes brief testimonies from a "porn producer", a "stripper", an "escort" and a "porn star". According to Wikipedia, the booklet I found is something they regularly hand out at pornography industry conventions. It would be a bit of a fluke then for me to come across one. Ron Jeremy is well known as a porn actor, so much so that he is widely known by the general public. The booklet includes a section on Jeremy's interactions with Craig George of the ministry. I'm guessing the uncredited article is by him as it is written in the first person. Jeremy and George have established enough of a rapport that they have held amiable debates on pornography's effects on society. Well, if my small group at church does a study on the Gospel of John, I am all set. ;)

What happened to Todd Bentley's "$13 million in the bank"?

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On November 25 2013] How did Todd Bentley, assuming he is being truthful, blow through $13 million Canadian? On November 4, he sent out an e-mail "Redeeming the Time" to his e-mail list. I'll likely be copying the entire e-mail as a comment on this post, in case it goes pFFFT!, but one comment of his jumps out at me. The tone of his remarks is that Todd was on the top of the world and then he crashed. But, Todd figures that God is staring him on a magnificent comeback and here's how you can tag along for the ride... Recalling the glory days, Bentley says this..." "I went from $13 million in the bank to $20 to my name. ". So, Todd, where did it go?

Todd Bentley predicted big “like Finney” revival, which is long overdue to start, in Finland

{Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On September 21 2013] No, I didn't mistype. I found a video of Todd Bentley predicting a revival in Finland which seems never to have happened. Here is a Facebook page to promote an event, where he spoke in Keuruulla Finland on Sept. 3, 2012.A video went up on Sept. 1, with a note of where he was to appear on the 3rd. To accompany and promote the event, a short video was put on YouTube earlier this month as I write. A tip that the clip is old--I'd say at least five *years* old--is that he makes references to "back in Canada* and--sorry Todd--he has a full head of hair. No doubt this is n a North American church--I'm guessing, and it's to promote his appearance in 2012. Bentley's name was spelled wrong,and the YouTube notes are in Finnish--which I do not know--but Todd talks in English, and that is all we need. You may see the video on YouTube here. In case it disappears, here are the salient quotes, which are up at the start at the video. Bentley says this:
"And the Lord told me 'A great revival is about the break out in Finland. It'll be... (cheers) Listen! The conversions in Finland will be like [Charles Finney. The conversions in Finland will be like Finney....and I saw almost like an atomic explosion of glory come down over Finland and it started spreading into other places, missionaries going out of Finland into, Eastern Europe, Estonia, Latvia. other countries..."
So he prays for people going to Finland, with attendant things happening. Todd at the end of his prayer: "All right, that was fun." As best I know, the Finns are still waiting for the revival, which would be five years and counting. If only we had known of this before Lakeland, eh? Well, the historical record is amended. How long until Bentley apologizes in public for being flagrantly wrong--in the Lord's name!--with this?

Portland TV news reporters see deaths trend in "faith healers" church

Reporters at Portland Oregon TV station KATU are attributing the deaths of 10 children and teens to the religious practices of a U.S. church. A reporter for the station , advised by a former member of the Followers of Christ church to look for specific last names in cemeteries in Oregon ad Idaho, thinks he found the names of at least 10 recently buried members of the church. A grandfather of a baby that died after being born very prematurely is quoted as saying “That's the way we believe.... We believe in God and the way God handles the situation, the way we do things." to answer a question about why the baby may not have had proper pre-natal care. The station has to rely on an earlier 2011 story for more background, in which another church member is quoted as arguing that 'religious freedom' must, in his view, include practising whatever you believe the Bible says about medicine and health. Lacking a proper understanding and explanation of what the church teaches in this regards to healing, calling them "faith healers" may be misleading.

The revival that Todd Bentley predicted for Fresno is now overdue. By perhaps 12 years but at least 10 months

[ Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On November 9 2013] Some folks,eager for a revival, ran into Todd Bentley in Stockton, California. Unfortunately for Todd they were "rolling tape", and it is now on YouTube, as I write. Starting at 0:11, Bentley says: "...The Lord told me--the greatest healing revival--Twelve years ago, the Lord gave me a word....He said one of the greatest healing revivals, that would launch out of the Fresno [California] region. Actually the Lord told me that 12 years ago....I'm telling you that's the place. The Lord gave me a word. I prophesied for 10 years. Fresno....I've never been there...there's a hotbed of miracles exploding out of that region...We just call that thing forth and release it right now...." Well perhaps Todd meant to keep saying "Someday...", but he messed up by saying miracles were "exploding" present tense, and that things could happen "right now" present tense. This was posted to YouTube on January 25, 2013. I guess you haven't heard anything either.

Funny how all these Todd Bentley accounts happen where they can't be confirmed Independently

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On November 6, 2013] Hat tip to the folks at Right Wing Watch blog for spotting a new video by Todd Bentley this week. Todd says, in a Morningstar video, there was gold in them thar revival in South Africa this past summer. Allegedly gold fell in such quantities that Jessa Bentley couldn't wash it off. How handy that he doesn't have independent documentation. Isn't it odd that Todd Bentley couldn't document this as it was happening with video footage? I wonder if there was any mention of this in the e-mails he was sending out at the time. Suffice it to say that Bentley badly needs factchecking sometimes. Reminds me of what filmaker Roy Petersen was,reportedly told in Lakeland. If only he had been there during the first few weeks before the GOD TV cameras showed up. The revival was best then. Too bad that he was not there...

Church Planned Halloween book burning

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on November 1 2013] An item from the British newspaper The Telegraph's "Whaaa?!?!" file. A church in Canton, North Carolina, which is "King James Only" planned to use Halloween to burn all sorts of "Satanic" books, which were to include non King James Bibles, and other "evil" Christian books. The Telegraph's story includes a link to the church website's list of books they planned to burn. I'm guessing their book-burning took plac

This *not* just in

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On October 24, 2013] This morning, federal cabinet minister Jason Kenney delivered what was called a "rich and gracious address" to a meeting of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada>. And how did I know that, you ask? Well, no thanks to the press. as of yet anyways. Nothing on Google News yet. No thanks to Mr. Kenney's website. I just checked. No mention there as of yet. Mr. Kenney has tweeted regarding his remarks though. Earlier, he remarked that he would be making "four speeches at four events". Earlier this morning he tweeted this: Jason Kenney ?@kenneyjason 2h Brought greetings to Evangelical Fellowship of CDA conf. Highlighted great work of groups like @IJMCanada @salvationarmy @worldvisioncan. [Not following Mr. Kenney, I was given a heads up by someone from my own denomination who was or is there and posted a photo of him speaking. They were the ones who ubbed his remarks "gracious"] So Mr. Kenney's remarks were long enough to be called a speech and he praised the social welfare works of Canadian Christians. One good question to ask, given the controversy in Ottawa whether it would be okay for organizations to do charity work overseas while maintaining their conservative views on sexuality, say, would be to ask Mr. Kenney "Well, is this just an attaboy, or will the Tories put government funds where your mouth is?" An answer either way would be interesting. But, I suspect there was no reporter there at Mr. Kenney's speech at ask it. Pity.

Faytene adds a new hat (Two actually)

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On October 7 2013] Faytene Grasseschi's latest idea may be a "reboot" of an idea she tried up in Canada. During the first weekend in October 2013, she held an event for youth. The Movement 133 (M133) Student summit, was intended to bring students ("from all over America" (with a quick mention of 'North America) to Pasadena, California. Fellow guest speakers included Lou Engle and Cindy Jacobs, so I don't anticipate that what was taught would be much different than previously. "Movement 133, she noted on Facebook, is tied to Psalms 133--blessed are the brethren who live together in unity, I assume with "Houses of Prayer" and "Justice movements" across the country. I was reminded of something that took place back in March 2013 at York University in Toronto, Canada. There, several followers of Faytene had an all day event on campus where the student organizers of The CampusCRY, especially on Facebook talked about "taking over their campus for Jesus.' Perhaps Canada doesn't provide enough of a "critical mass" to do more with The CampusCRYs in Canada, unless the hope is to get a bunch of possible organizers to work their way up to next spring.  Then several CampusCRYs will happen at the same time, leading the student press to go "Whaaa?" (I'm a former student press reporter so I am allowed to say that.) :) Don't wheel out The CampusCRY" term now, in case they don't happen, but act pleasantly surprised in case several do? Don't know, but it's a possibility. And then there is V-Kol Media Ministries. No, I don't believe that Faytene and her husband Robert are going all Vulcan/Star Trekky on us. :) They seek to meet their various goals through"hosting events, speaking internationally, developing print, graphic and film resources, networking and through personal mentor-ship." Can't find the cite as I write, but she has mentioned on Facebook that "v-kol" relates to a Biblical term in Hebrew. I've often heard Faytene while preaching say something like, "This is political, so you have to make your donation out to..." so this new initiative likely something for tax purposes. Although, I do need to note that this could be a useful plan B--as Todd Bentley has with his Sound of Fire company--in case there is an attempt at a hostile takeover of the ministry governing body overseeing her ministry work. Don't think she has anything to fear. But, "Be Prepared is the boy scout marching song" according to Tom Lehrer. ;)

Rick Joyner had "theological concerns" about Todd Bentley

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On August 30 2013] Sneeze and you would miss it. But this sentence clause demands special attention by discerning Christians. As I mentioned in my last post, Todd Bentley, as part of his big attempt to apologize on GOD TV back in January, was explaining how Bob Jones came to pray in public for him back in January 2010. In order to do this, Bentley had to bring other things to his mind which were happening to him about the same time. At 1:00:47 here, during his kiss and make up session with the Alec's earlier this year, Bentley is being asked about Bob Jones praying for him at a Morningstar service in January 2010, during his "restoration" Bentley backs into his answer, contextualizing what was happening, and it is during this that he says something interesting. Bentley, quoting Rick Joyner: ...[He said to me that] in your restoration, I want to be sure to cover some of the theological concerns--and he had what those were, that I want to talk about getting a doctrine of marriage and divorce. and then he said, I want you to recover from burnout.... Were these addressed before Bentley started ministering in some way once a week at Morningstar once a week, according yo what Bentley says, starting in early 2010? Some observations: 1) One assumes that Joyner assumed they were valid "concerns" to raise. Otherwise, why bother Todd with them if they were patently ridiculous or untrue? 2) These concerns have to do with Lakeland, surely. Why didn't Joyner address them in public, before all Christians, when he or others first had these "concerns?" What makes this serious is that pastors--step forward Rick Joyner--have a responsibility to protect their flocks. Did Joyner have an attitude of "Oh as long as there are 'miracles', we can just ignore that part...'? 3. what exactly were the "concerns"? Details please, don't be vague. 4. How were they addresses. Has Bentley signed something recanting the "concerns" Does Joyner have audio or video proof that Todd is now orthodox in these areas? 5. What really unnerves me about all this, is that Bentley went on and on about what should have been done about his marriage. But souls could be at stake here, and this is far more important that Todd's marriage woes and Joyner and Bentley should treat it as such. 6. It's a sad state of affairs when they treat this so nonchalantly. Do they think that if Bentley had stayed married to Shoonah, had picture-perfect kids in front of a white picket fence, that in the minds of most Christians, his possible aberrant theology would not be an issue to most Christians? Substance matters. Appearances don't. How dare we be held in such contempt. Bentley and Joyner may hope this is ignored. They will probably never address this is public is my guess. Just as long as we "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain," I suppose.

How Todd Bentley will try to explain the Lakeland aftermath to you

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on August 30 2013] Following his series of meetings in South Africa--which went from a fairgounds, and then down into presumably smaller churches, Todd Bentley went on vacation for this past summer. Recently, he announced that he would be returning to ministry with some meetings at the Morningstar complex, taking second billing behind Reinhard Bonnke this time. Bonnke seems to be a brave man here. As you will see the Bentley brainstrust has decided that it is much wiser for Bentley not to carry anything that can become a revival by himself? You Don't want to repeats Lakeland's issues, and if someone is also willing to shoulder what happened.... Before he could go to South Africa, and presumably go back to his former goal of having one big revival and then become a world travelling evangelist, keeping one step ahead of people who could test that fruit of what he was doing, Lakeland had to be "cleaned up". So, Rory and Wendy Alec--who had garnered thousands if not millions of viewers to their GOD TV channel as it provided gavel-to-gavel coverage--stepped in to help. Bentley flew to Jerusalem to be interviewed on their channel on January 20, 2013. GOD TV now has the interview behind a subscriber wall--or they have pulled it all together. Fortunately, though, two YouTube users saved it--or the final edited version-- and posted it to YouTube. I will be quoting fairly extensively, however, in case it disappears again. Why turn to this? Expect Bentley to fob off questions with "I've already explained this before...." Or he'll reuse the same talking points.

A Faytene "stop press"

{Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On June 10, 2013] Apologies to my readers, as a grinding schedule at work has kept me busy. But, that said, I have some "stop press" type items to pass on. 1) Faytene Grasseschi's big pro-life march on Ottawa appears to have finished--at least her part of it anyways--on May 13, I am guessing per what I read on her Twitter feed. Quite low key, compared to the beginning of the walk, as I see a lot more references to the plans and the start than what happened. No doubt the pro-life participants got a lot out of the march, from their point of view. May we hear more? 2)On her Twitter feed on May 29, the day that Dr. Henry Morgentaler die, she wrote Emphasis mine: Faytene Grasseschi ?@Faytene Father or abortion in Canada, Dr. Henry Morgentaler, just died. Praying for many to come to know Jesus at his funeral. #comfort #salvation (No doubt my pro-choice Christian readers will find this interesting to parse. ;) ) 3. The mini-Faytene's play to be active at the federal Conservative party convention. A motion on "gendercide"--remember the attempts at private member's motions in the House of Commons--will be presented at the convention for party members to make party policy, possibly. Says the My Canada e-mail from late last wee [emphasis theirs]k: If you are attending the convention and would be open to being a part of a team that would work together strategically on the ground to pass the resolution please let us know ASAP. We would be happy to work with you. At the last Conservative Policy Convention two MY Canada volunteers were instrumental in seeing the passing of the unborn victims of violence resolution and had a tremendous impact. We would love to see that happen again. Lots of Charisma issues with the Faytene cover story are available from MY Canada, by the way. They can send some to you.

Not all religious politicians are conservatives

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On May 30. 2013] This is something that BDBO readers already know, but Douglas Todd of The Vancouver Sun reminds us of something interesting on his blog. He's reporting on the Bridging the Secular Divide: Religion and Public Discourse conference at McGill University earlier this week and what struck his interest was that there were several progressives there: Liberal MP John McKay, NDP MP Joe Cromartin and former NDP leadership hopeful Bill Blaikie, a United Church minister, said it was discouraging to realize many of their own party members thought it was bad to bring a Christian perspective into politics. The Liberal and NDP politicians cited the profound Christian convictions of NDP founders Tommy Douglas and J.S. Woodsworth, the Catholicism of Pierre Trudeau and Paul Martin and all made references to Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister. Thanks to Mr. Todd for the notice and the reminder. In his post he quotes a book by former NDP MP Bill Blaikie, which speaks to all this.

Come to the fair! And "I knew when Lakeland was aborted"

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on May 23, 2013] Last week, what we could define as Todd Bentley's travelling circus hit the road. Starting on May 15, the Bentley revival moved from the Durban area to the "Pretoria Show Grounds" in South Africa. I find that interesting in that the Durban meetings seemed to have lasted about the same amount of time as the well publicized part of the "Lakeland revival". Any longer in Durban and it may run out of steam and there would be time for people in the Durban area to notice it and give it a careful examination? Who can say? My guess is that their "fair grounds" would be like holding the revival at the PNE or the Canadian National Exhibition, which seems a little ironic. {Bentley has followed up his announcement of the move on the 9th with another anouncement that we are in the midst of "Another Pentecost", writing:"We don't need to prophesy any more about a coming healing revival or about a coming harvest; we are already in the season of harvest at the end of the age more souls will be saved than ever before." No pressure, Todd. No pressure at all.] Wendy Alec, of GOD TV fame, has chimed in with what looks like another prophetic word channeling "God". "In case you were not paying attention the first time, THUS SAITH THE LORD"? Todd Bentley sent it out April 30. I'll be quoting it in the comments for future reference, but one part, directed at Todd personally, really rubbed me the wrong way: It reads: "...For my son beloved son, Do you not realize I knew when I birthed you all those years ago? I knew when Lakeland was aborted; I saw this very day." It is bothersome in that "God" is seeing Lakeland" as something that was living and perfect that would have been born and prospered if we would have let that take place. And there is so much evidence to the contrary, which I am sure that my readers are well aware of. Wendy Alec as carnival barker? Perhaps....

The playbook was left open

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On May 11, 2013] Seeing as though this was on the front page of the National Post this week, one could say that the secret is out. Over the past few years, pro-life politicians have adopted an incremental approach to eventually stopping abortion. John Ivison in this featured piece in the newspaper explains this process well. As Ivison notes, "Roxanne's Law" was targeted against coercive abortion while motion M-408 was to target the alleged problem of sex-selection abortions. Both were unsuccessful. I recall, though, that the advocates of these initiatives targeted the practice. Surely no one should be forced to have an abortion? Surely, no child should be aborted due to being the "wrong" sex? People who are moderate on this question may see these cases as egregiously bad, and worth restricting. The closest quote that Ivison was able to get to support his thesis was one from an anonymous Pro-life MP, tied to the March for Life rally in Ottawa this past week, which led the reporter to surmise that pro-lifers may have more stick-to-it-iveness than the Energizer Bunny. :). He writes: "As one anti-abortion MP put it: 'We need to move the debate beyond a political drive on the narrow question of a law limiting abortion access. That’s the old Morgentaler debate. Can the movement grow bigger than any political party and become the tail that wags the dog?'" If you are pro-life, your response may be "And?" After all, the incremental way is how William Wilberforce worked to eliminate slavery in Britain, one step at a time, targeting the most egregious reasons to get rid of slavery first. If it is clear to reporters now that this is the game plan, it might be good for pro-lifers to acknowledge this in public. Otherwise the pro-choice side will be able to say "We know exactly what you are doing..."

A sign of the times at the New York Times

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On April 27 2013] A brief correction notice in the New York Times shows that our world is changing. Several others have already noticed a correction to the Times' story on the Margaret Thatcher funeral service, towards the end of the online story here. It reads like this: Correction: April 19, 2013 Because of an editing error, an article on Thursday about the funeral of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of Britain referred incorrectly to the biblical passage read by Amanda Thatcher as the first lesson at her grandmother’s funeral. It was Ephesians 6:10-18 — not VI Ephesians 10:18. I've committed some howlers in my time, so I do not want to gloat. But I think it a bit striking that people's knowedge of Christianity these days seems to be such that how to make a Biblical citation is apparently no longer common knowedge. That the error escaped the notice of NYT editors merely serves to drive the point home. It's a sign of the times, as Petula Clark might sing. :)

Going "all in" on Todd Bentley's South Africa meetings

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on April 17, 2013] Some people who are rooting for Todd Bentley's meetings in Durban, South Africa may have been watching too much Texas Hold 'Em on TV, as they are pushing their rhetorical poker chips to the center of the table as their wagers on his success. Two quick updates: 1. Wendy Alec's "prophetic word" about all this was redistributed by The Elijah List this morning. Steve Shultz writes: "Read below about a worldwide great awakening. Caution, don't be discouraged if your state or country is not mentioned. All of the listed locations will most assuredly spill into the area where YOU live... AND God is moving throughout the entire earth!". He bolds "I chose whom I choose to choose" among other things. So there! Take *that* naysayers!. 2. Also, this morning, Todd Bentley sent out an e-mail of his own citing prophetic words by Rick Joyner and Bob Jones about all this. For future reference, I will reproduce them in the comments to this post below in case they disappear. If I have anything to comment on, My observations will be there as well. I'm not a poker expert, but I do know what "Okay, I *call*!' refers to. ;)

It's Lakeland 2.0! Limited Time Only!!!!

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on April 13, 2013] Todd Bentley is preparing to crank up another revival. And GOD TV, the cable TV and internet TV station has just announced this morning that they are jumping in with both feet. Bentley is in South Africa as I write in a revival oh so modestly dubbed "The Great Awakening" And I figured that something was up when he or one of his minions made this announcement by e-mail yesterday. What's the saying? "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me"?

Are they camping?

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on April 10, 2013] Brief Facebook status update by Faytene yesterday: Faytene Grasseschi shared a link via HootSuite. Yesterday The team needs $20,000+ to cover base expenses for the B2L walk. We'd be grateful for anything you can sow. Info: Details of what they think they need on their protest walk are here. I think the big pro-life walk from Montreal to Ottawa, intended to mark the 25th annivaresary of the Supreme Court's Morgentaler decision may wind up spending more, per capita, than that big recent native protest of walking that long long distance (1600 KM, I understand]. But, That is just a guess on my part, however.

Lilley pitches underhand, Faytene triples to right

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On April 2 2013] Faytene Grasseschi is starting to promote her pro-life walk from Montreal to Ottawa with an interview with Brian Lilley of Sun News TV. You may see it here. It's a friendly interview [Lilley: "I've known you for a long time..."]. But there were a couple of observations that struck me as I watched. [I myself am strongly pro-life, but I guess it is the "reporter" in me popping up.] 1. I don't think that Lilley's observation that pro-choicers paint all this as an "old white man's issue"--which allows him to point out how many young women are pro-life--is spot on. Point taken, but in all my interactions with people who are pro-choice, this is something I don't think I have ever heard them say 2. As Lilley mentions various pro-life initiatives such as "Roxanne's Law" and M-408, I thought that it has to be clear that pro-lifers are using William Wilberforce's anti-slavery tactics to address abortion--chipping away at it, banning it incrementally. Seems to me like an obvious question to ask, given that pro-lifers on the Hill aren't trying to go for a total ban with every piece of legislation they try to pass. Why not ask it?

She's walkin'

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On March 27 2013] Faytene Grasseschi is still newsworthy to Charisma magazine, following their recent cover story on her. Their online news service, Charisma News, is reporting that she will lead 25 pro-life women on a walk from Montreal to Ottawa, timed to end at the annual March for Life rally in Ottawa in May, to mark the 25th anniversary of the Supreme Court of Canada's Morgentaler decision striking down Canada's federal laws on abortion. The linked article and promotional video allows Faytene to explain her plans and rationale. It's an ongoing complaint by pro-lifers that the March for Life is one of the biggest annual rallies on Parliament Hill but gets little media coverage. So, Faytene might be hoping to get attention by visiting small town radio, TV and newspaper outlets. Doing a long walk, she may find, may not be helpful. Natives walked 1,500 KM to raise attention to their issues, wryly notes this letter writer in the Globe and Mail, but the media may pay more attention to Tiger Woods and Stephen Harper's important summit meeting with some imported pandas. Symbolic events are worth doing anyway, but, sadly, don't expect appropriate attention from reporters or politicians

"...sit down and shut up."

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On March 23, 2013] Brian Lilley, of Sun News TV, reports something interesting in a recent blog post. Motion M-408, in the House of Commons, was an initiative by pro-life MPs to address what they saw as the possibility of people using ultrasounds pursue abortions when babies would be born of the wrong sex. As Lilley mentions, a procedural group of the House has decided that the motion cannot be discussed by the House as the matters that would be discussed are properly matters relating to provincial powers. [Not so. If that was the case why did the House vote von Motion M-312 and why does Canada have a federal health minister at all?] Lilley, for his part argues that this is a smokescreen. Rather, it is Harper's brains trust using their power to tell pro-lifers to "sit down and shut up". Any implication that Harper is a so-con eager to impose his agenda, he further argues, is wrong. I wouldn't argue that, as Harper has been quoted as saying in a caucus meeting not that pro-life legislation is wrong, but rather that this is the wrong time for it. Rather, a lot of political considerations, namely their need to keep on winning elections, are coming into play. There is one point that I would like to make, though. The Faytene Grasseschis of the world are making the point that if conservatives just stand up to be counted, as in one instance she explained at length in one sermon that I blogged about earlier, they can bend politicians like Stephen Harper to their will. Dominionism rules! A different version of this sermon, saying much the same thing, was distributed by The Elijah List as one of their "message of the month" MP3s. If pro-lifers see a moral urgency for legislation, they should certainly give it a try. But, as Lilley might note, they have to ask themselves whether certain things may seem futile for the time being. Faytene may want to consider dropping that example. At least in Canada, her listeners have to think "Given what is happening, can what she is talking about ever happen again?" If I were to offer some friendly advice--she would want, one hopes, to be passionate, and sensible, at the same time.

The CampusCRY guys on Facebook

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on March 13, 2013] Want to check out the CampusCRY on Facebook? The generic page for the entire movement is here I think that Faytene Grasseschi taped her own promo for the York event some time ago and set up the page at roughly the same time. The event specific site for York is here And the post on the York specific site that Bene D found --well done!--in which organizer Paul Wong reminded me of the Jets and Sharks in West Side story without the music and dancing is here. I`ll quote organizer Paul Wong again in case it disappears...

Putting Faytene as Charisma's cover girl into some context

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs on Match 13 2013] Most American readers of the February 2013 Charisma magazine are being introduced to Faytene Grasseschi, the evangelist and sometime Canadian activist, for the first time. If you share Faytene's conservative views, there's much to like. She is actively pro-life, and works on many issues deal to the heart of conservative Christians. She can have some insights when she teaches, and her own holiness probably puts any righteousness I may have to shame. She is a regular subject here, but I can't fault freelance writer Anthony Petrucci, who wrote the cover story and accompanying sidebar for the magazine. At first glance, there seems many things to like about what she does. But if you read it all, it's clear that Charisma has made an editorial decision to like Faytene. [caption id="attachment_13540" align="alignleft" width="300"] The Charisma cover story[/caption] A smiling Faytene on the cover probably clinches that idea. What would perhaps be useful is to put all this into some context. [This counts for me too. I always try to mention things that I appreciate about what she does to put what I may write into context too. I try to apply my rules to myself.] Let's begin to look at the cover story together.

Coming soon to a Canadian campus near you--taking over for Jesus?

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On March 13 2013] The MYCanada brains trust has another new idea. University and college campuses can have their own versions of those The Cry events that helped put Faytene Grasseschi on the cover of Charisma magazine. The first is planned for York University in Toronto on March 16, and it's a case of bearding the lion in its den. Remember MY City? Back at the turn of the year, word came out that Faytene was encouraging her local friends and followers to form localized branches of My Canada, to work on local issues. From what I understand, they seem to be springing up like wildflowers. Students at York have reasoned, like Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, that they could put on their own show. And the First ever CampusCRY will be taking place in a few days as I write, on March 16. The two in the promotional video for the event on YouTube, seem nice enough. But when one of them complains about "idol worship, literally on our campus" and one of the danger signs is that "Students have admitted to experimenting sexually with students of the same sex while attending school.", you realize that there is a really conservative agenda at work. The overt emphasis will be, laudably, praying for God to work on the campus. But as shown in this video, a political agenda will no doubt pop up like a whack-a-mole. [That was the case at The Cry Vancouver and will no doubt be the case at the upcoming Cry event. Faytene (who has in recent years married, and used the married name Grasseschi) also has a promotional video for the York event. Faytene Grasseschi is a mentor, if not more, to the people organizing this event at York. It will be the "first" such event and hoped to be the first of many. One point of interest. The students are using a lecture hall for the event, perhaps to make the numbers look good through packing the room and deterring protests. Why would they want to deter protests? York has a reputation for being a really progressive school, so much so that an event there this week, Israeli Apartheid Week, will attract picketing from conservatives in the area who are dismayed by it. Hopefully the York organizers aren't Machiavellian enough to want their event to raise a giant unpleasant fuss which they could have avoided by holding the event, say, at some place like the University of Toronto outside. Meh, I can hear student journalists saying to themselves. Well, this may be something of interest to the folks at The Excalibur if not Canadian University Press. I would cover it from the other side of the continent for CUP were I still a student journalist, as Faytene Grasseschi says some interesting things in explaining her views. Such as, from her book Marked what she writes (on pages 31-32) .There is something inherent in the nature of God that loves growth and wants to take over! Recently a preacher friend of mine, Banning Liebscher, said something that I wholeheartedly believe in. He said, "The new breed of revivalists that God is raising up has a "take over" mentality. They are convinced that God has called them to take over the world" If we really believe that we are created in His image, this should not be a surprising statement,. Actually, it resonates deeply in my spirit .There is one clincher, however. The clincher is that He has chosen to execute the expansion of His Kingdom through his people. Whether or not His take-over plan advances in fullness depends on our obedient response to the command: multiply! It's not an isolated slip. Search "Faytene" and "dominionism" on this blog to find more.

Charisma--Faytene is "not only calling for righteousness but walking in it"

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Feb 20 2013] [caption id="attachment_13476" align="alignleft" width="300"] Charisma, February 2013 issue[/caption] By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission I figured that Charisma's coverage of Faytene Grasseschi--she graces their February 2013 cover--would be very friendly. Now I can confirm that it is. Their cover story on her will be at your local Christian bookstore, if it carries magazines, for another two weeks or so. Charisma's imprimatur will probably make Faytene a charismatic celebrity, if she isn't one already. I've already seen a brief notice or two from people who are advising that Grasseschi will be coming to their gathering or church,citing the story for those who might wonder "Who?" Let's start to look at it.

Now a major motion picture. In a bit.

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs ON Feb. 12, 2013] Although I don't think they have started making the film yet, the Nicolas Cage reboot of Left Behind has a proposed first poster according to

Todd Bentley is "as far from the understanding of God as [he has] ever known'

{[Posted at Bene Diction January 29, 2013] Why is Todd Bentley starting a little bit of a public relations campaign these days? Well, some of it may be due to the fact that some Christians are dismayed by his actions. One English Anglican vicar comes to mind. Earlier this month, Canon Colin Boswell of Croydon, England shared his thoughts with a reporter from a local newspaper. I'd be disgusted if I were him. I'll explain...

Faytene--You are *not* allowed to quote us without permission, redux

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On January 28 2013] A quick update on Faytene Grasseschi's group's media policies, while I wait for that cover story on her in the new Charisma magazine to hit newsstands. I was checking out her group's stance on Bill C-279 when this notice from My Canada jumped out at me: Notice to Media & Other Organizations: All content on this site that has been created by 4MYC including: videos, 4MYC articles/postings, 4MYC images and all other 4MYC creative material (unless otherwise identified) are the exclusive property of the MY Canada Association and may not be used for the purpose of reprint or rebroadcasting unless officially authorized by 4MYC. -Thank you.(This policy is to protect the integrity of our messaging and avoid improper use of our material.) MY Canada e: Does this apply to the notice as well? Oops! ;) Well, this is to be expected, after she chased after Marci McDonald, trying to buy back what the reporter bought from her book table. Starting in 2010, as I reported in this post, she warned reporters that they might be told to leave events. [Although...I had a quick look at just now and I didn't spot this or a similar notice. Maybe she has her security just refuse everyone they spot? I don't know...] The media quoting her without mercy might be a pain in Faytene's butt, but surely a movement that lives on getting the word out so that people can give and help. can learn to live with it, no? As a former reporter, I find this really offensive. Hope Charisma got their mother-may-I from Faytene first. As reporters, the notice should raise their eyebrows at Charisma too.

Charisma's Feb. 2013 cover story is about Faytene

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On Januray 28, 2013] Faytene Grasseschi could be said to have hit the big leagues now. The evangelist, a regular subject here, is profiled in the next issue of Charisma, the periodical of record for U.S. charismatics. Charisma's cover will show a smiling Faytene with the tagline: A Call For Canada: How Faytene Grasseschi is bringing her homeland back to Biblical values with activist intercession. Where is Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show when you need them? :) Will no doubt post on it after I get the paper magazine in a few days.

GOD TV is totally fine with Todd Bentley again

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On January 19. 2013] A brief e-mail from Todd Bentley's ministry this afternoon reveals that the TV network thinks it quite alll right for the evangelist to appear on their network again starting tomorrow morning. One of his helpers writes: We are very excited to be announcing Todd Bentley's return to GodTV. Rory and Wendy Alec believe the time is right for Todd and Jessa to join them in Israel to address the GodTV audience. This will be a time of restoration for many and we believe the Lord will show himself in a powerful way..... Rory and Wendy Alec are the owners/guiding force behind GOD TV. This would naturally imply that whatever shenanigans on Todd's behalf that were broadcast from Lakeland are just water under the bridge now. The segment with Bentley starts at 10:30 am EST on January 20th.

Rise of the mini-Faytenes

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs January 14, 2013] What's new with Fraytene Grasseschi these days? Well, those who follow her Canadian political initiative MY Canada (as it is now named) may be interested that the former Faytene Kryskow is forming local chapters of that group in several Canadian cities. Called MY City, you may check out more about these local groups at their page on the MY Canada website here. It's implicitly political as locals may be "volunteering for MPs in your city", among other options. It's a good way to find and enlist people to help with national priorities of My Canada. And I would think that there would probably be a lot more people who wind up volunteering for Tory MPs than for Liberals, New Democrat or Bloc MPs, but that is just an educated guess on my part. Faytene's Facebook Wall No. 2 announced just a few days ago that two branches of MY City have just started.

Starring Brad Pitt as Pontius Pilate?

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On January 12, 2013] No one can say that Hollywood is a boring place, eh? It seems that Bible-themed films might be a bit of a trend these days. The latest idea is that Brad Pitt is perhaps set to play Pontius Pilate in a movie. That wouldn't seem like the nicest part for a star like Pitt to play, but the linked article suggests that Pilate may be treated sympathetically. Tip of the hat to this reporter, who is quite the wag: "...Pitt hasn't committed to the role and could still wash his hands of the project..." And Nicolas Cage might have another name actor of sorts to join him in that remake of Left Behind. Chad Michael Murray, of One Tree Hill fame. I've read speculation that he would play the "Buck" part while Cage would play the "Rayford Steele" role. This leads me to remember Jack Warner's alleged remark when he heard that Ronald Reagan was running for governor of California. "No, no, Jimmy Stewart for governor; Ronald Reagan for best friend." :)