Monday, August 29, 2005

74 and counting

I see that Jordan has surpassed his goal of reading more than 12 books this year.

I wonder if he knows the old reporter's trick of reading upside down? One person at church on Sunday had a T-shirt with an amusing upside-down message and I "got it" first.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Robert Goulet?!?!?

Here's an interesting tribute site about "Canada's rock pioneers".

It's a good thing that Elvis isn't alive. Upon reading this post, he would have shot his computer monitor.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Lenin and McCartney

Blogger Sisu thinks that Elvis Presley was the most effective anti-Communist ever. I like Elvis a bit, but I wouldn't agree with that. Elvis wouldn't have lasted five seconds in the Gulag.

David Noebel would certainly disagree that Elvis should be a hero of the right. His Communism, Hypnotism and The Beatles theorized that Folk Music was a communist conspiracy.

I don't have a copy of that pamphlet, but I do own Noebel's 1966 book Rhythym, Riots and Revolution. I bought the latter book, which seems to expand upon the pamphlet's thesis, in a Prince George bookstore 15 years ago while I was treeplanting. It cost $10, but I reasoned "I will never see this book for sale again." And I've never seen it since. It was worth the purchase price alone to see the reaction of the editors of the very liberal student newspaper that I wrote for, when I brought it in to the office. One of them started scanning parts of the book so he could e-mail them to other people.

Oh well, at least I haven't bought records by The Goldwaters, the pro-Barry folk group from 1964 ["Our album wasn't 'nearly' *was* completely unlistenable."]. Although, I must say that
anti-Communist chanteuse Janet Greene was pretty. Catchy lyrics too. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Her post graduate degree is printed on asbestos

I didn't know that you could be a professional exorcist
Insert Surrey joke here

Somone looking for "Surrey exorcisms" found their way to my blog.
Thank Christ that it's not a documentary!

I see that Jeremy Lott has also seen The 40 Year Old Virgin.
I'm walking, yes indeed...

I'm pleased to see that my old colleague and blogging friend Kevin Michael Grace is posting again. Do visit him.
A Billy Graham film

Peter T. Chattaway has written an interesting article about World Wide Pictures, Billy Graham's Christian film company.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Veni, Vidi, Torgo!

As spotted on the MST3K Booyaka website, a rendition of the MST3K theme song in Latin:

Non procul iam futuro,
Iuxta die Dominica, Anno Domini,
Viuit puer, Ioel nomine,
Valde mihi aut tibi non dissimilis.
Laborauit in Instituto Gizmonico
Vix altera facies in tunica rufa,
Bene obseruauit loci mundationem
Sed domini sui non eum amauit,
Donec ad inania eum eiecerunt.
Eum mittemus cinemata vilia
Pessima quae inuenire possumus;
Oportet ei sedere et omnia spectare
Dum mentem suam obseruabimus.
Memento vt Ioel ne imperium habeat
Locorum, vbi incipiunt aut desinent cinemata,
Quia elementa ad hoc vsu dedicata, dilexit
Ad amicos suos roboticos faciendum.

Tabula Robotica:

Gnaeus Seruio

Miras, quo modo esse aut spirare potest,
Aut alia vera scientifica,
Recordate quod nil necnon speculum sit
Donec malitis refectionem
Ad Theatrum Arcanum Scientiae Tres Mille.

In related news, I was slightly perturbed to see a poster from my very favourite TV show on the apartment wall of the title character in The 40 Year Old Virgin. Guess I had better start stocking up on action figures... :)

Friday, August 19, 2005


Gregg Easterbrook has restarted his Tuesday Morning Quarterback column.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I know whom this German singing star reminds me of, I must say!

I see that one website credits Gotz Alsmann as being "Germany's Frank Sinatra". All I can say is "Look at that hair!"

Amazing hairdo aside, I am sure he was/is a fine performer.
"Most favourite German identical twins"

Here is a tribute page for Alice & Ellen Kessler. They are twin sisters who played Vegas and did a cover version of "Johnny Angel" (?!?) while becoming singing stars in Italy and Germany. Warning, English mangled freely!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Open can of Spaghettios. Get spoon. Eat over sink.

I never would have though that there was a book called The Can Opener Gourmet until I saw the author demonstrate some recipes on the Food Network Canada's Top Five show. From what I saw, the recipes look quite ingenious.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Dewey Decimal System blog!

In the latest Dewey Decimal System news, The Monkees have gained the notice of the DDS boffins here. It's not exactly a gold record, but...

Thanks to Colby Cosh.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kittens And Puppies Go To The Hospital, tonight on Fox

It looks like Kathy Shaidle also has unusual tastes in television with her list of The Other Top Ten TV Shows. I assume that she thinks that the *remake* of The Twilight Zone is best suited for kids 12 and under. Rod Serling rocks.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Everything old is new again

Cloud Ten Productions has announced plans to release the new Left Behind movie in churches, not theatres.

Actor Kirk Cameron says that this is a new idea, but it really isn't. The films commisioned by the late Estus Pirkle are very hard to find on video or DVD because he has always leased his prints to mostly churches at hundreds of dollars per year.

Hat tip: Kathy Shaidle.

Friday, August 05, 2005

I'll take "Jobs that turn my brains into pudding" for $500, Alex

How may jobs can you name where you do ten hours of overtime in two days?

While I recover from my latest 13 and a half hour shift, please enjoy the neat tribute site to Seattle kids TV show hero J.P.Patches, which has undergone an attractive redesign.

Fans of Bob Newman, who played dozens of parts on the J.P. Patches show, may enjoy the
Bongo Congo Kennel Club website.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My blog has hairs growing out of its ears and wears its pants hiked up to its armpits

Are you having a mid-life crisis about whether to continue blogging? Read this public service pamplet.

Hat tip: Jordan Bateman.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Victor Appleton is taken behind the woodshed

Here's an item that I hope you will really enjoy while I catch up on a few things....

Like many fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which made fun of bad movies and film shorts for many years on Comedy Central and the SciFi Channel, I regret that the show is off the air. However, wiseacre fans are borrowing the show characters to take wisenheimer pot shots at Internet spam and other printed materials using the same format as the original show.

Here's a link to John Nowak and Matt Plotecher's wonderfully funny take on Tom Swift and His War Tank, an inane boys book from the World One era. They make fun of the entire book.

"Misting" is now a verb describing giving something in print the MST3K treatment. It's something I would like to try looks like fun. By the way, a hat tip to Keith Palmer for posting one of my fave MISTings.