Saturday, October 28, 2006

What's the German for No Whammies?

Here's an interesting fan site about Press Your Luck and other game shows.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Can God heal "bed head"? :)

It looks like Danish faith healing evangelist Christian Hedegaard has a neat ministry, despite the fact that he looks like he just woke up in some of the pictures he posts on his website.

I just hope that he is forgiving as well as godly. :)

Little bastards update

Those liking bloopers might be interested to read this explanation of an urban legend: Did children's radio show host Uncle Don say "There, that oughta hold the little bastards!" while on the air?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh, %*&%$@#, we forgot the editorial!

Once a Ubyssey old hack, always a Ubyssey old hack. I suspect that this Ubyssey editorial about the Vancouver Canucks was written late on production night because they had nothing else to write on.

I've seen a few of those kinds of editorials happen back in the day. Yes, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and ate people hanging out on the balcony of SUB241K.

I wonder if they ever found the slice of pizza hidden above the ceiling tiles where The Ubyssey's office used to be?

I wonder what happened to the "Sex Couch"?

Filling your Turkish ET needs since some time recently

I see that the inimitable Seanbaby has finally updated his website

His alibi for the Black Dahlia murder is pretty airtight because the diner where he works is in Bournemouth, England

I see that someone else who has seen Brian de Palma's The Black Dalhia also noticed that the diner where the victim's father works in Los Angeles has a cash register that reads "4D". That would mean that the blue plate special was only...fourpence?!?

However, no one seems to have yet noticed that a 1940s prisoner would have been unlikely to have been "talking trash" while in the stir!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Mein Kampf: The Movie!

I've been reading an intestng book lately. It's The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made", by Chris Gore.

Author Chris Gore has found some fascinating examples of movies that never made it to the screen. However, I find it hard to believe that David O. Selznick saved the rights to the words "Mein Kampf" in case he decided to make a movie based on Hitler's book.

Aparrently, Selznick went so far as to consider using Ben Hecht and Alfred Hitchcock to make the film. Wow.