Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday...

The cute little song that Hulk Hogan sings in this Japanese TV commercial might stick in your head. Sorry!

"There's no Hulkamaniacs here!"

This promo shows why Hulk Hogan could give Olivier a run for his money. :)

Only in Japan

I wonder if this photo means that Hello Kitty is a TV wrestler.

What would be Hello Kitty's submission hold? The "Hug of Death"?


Thursday, June 28, 2007

The importance of this is illustrated in the behavior of many of our young people who go in for “petting” or “necking”....

"....The importance of this is illustrated in the behavior of many of our young people who go in for “petting” or “necking” largely for the reason that they do not dance and have nothing better to do. Surely they would rather dance if they knew how. But the pain and distress of being a wall-flower is such that they stay away from the dance, and from the many social activities of which dancing is naturally a part. So it is not dancing but the lack of dancing in many cases that is morally disadvantageous. Ask some of these youngsters who do not dance just what they do on such occasions? And as for the older people who do not dance? They, too, feel inadequate, and they commonly resort to drink as a means of escape and to blunt their sense of social inferiority. Poverty of resources will easily lead to unwholesome diversions...."

...from a 1934 article in Physical Culture magazine by way of that fun blog Modern Mechanix: "Try Dancing for that Inferiority Complex"

By Arthur Murray!

Mmmmm...chicken fried bacon [drooling noise]

Hat tip: my friend Wade.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Neil Sedaka is in this video too?

Neil Sedaka, if you look carefully, changes into six different outfits in this Scopitone video of "Calendar Girl"! Good thing this was obviously filmed in multiple takes, or he would have given Gypsy Rose Lee a run for her money. :)

Well, my Christmas shopping is done...

Wombat coats only $22...assuming that you have a time machine. :)

Bathing Beauties

Internet humorist James Lileks examines a series of promo pictures of bathing suit models starting with some Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Fais Le Locomotion!

I like the Sylvie Vartan cover version of The Locomotion almost as much as the original. :)

Halfway to ukelele stardom

This video cover version of Halfway To Paradise is pleasant, in a twee sort of way...

...but I do wonder if he has been taking singing lessons from old Rudy Vallee records :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Culture Notes

Peeking at the internet, I am surprised to learn that the lyrics for You Need Feet, the urbane and sophisticated Bernard Bresslaw song, are hard to find .

So, here is the song's chorus. :)

You need feet to stand up straight with
You need feet to kick your friends
You need feet to keep your socks on
...and stop your legs from fraying at the end!

You need feet to walk to Scunthorpe
Or to dance the Hootchy-Koo
Yes, the whole world needs feet for something
--And I need feet to run away from you!

"Yes folks, feet are not to be sniffed at!"

Amazingly, it seems that the Beach Boys may have done a partial cover of the song.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

But does he know how to do the SNCF Twist?

My mom will like my blog better than this fellow's blog. Alas, he'll probably get more hits than I do, just because he used to be President of France. :)

Hat tip: Rondi Adamson

Friday, June 15, 2007

Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority

I had never realized that I needed "Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority" until I saw this clip from Michael Nesmith's Elephant Parts:

I'm thinking that this would be kind of handy at my job. :)

Odometer flip!

This is post number 1500 on this blog! :)

I'm Henry VIII, I am!

No, you're not wasting time, you are learning about English history by listening to a Herman's Hermits song!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

He sings like I do!

Here's a Rick's Miscellany Battle of the Bands. The subject: The Lennon and McCartney song From A Window.

Our first entrant is Jonas, who sings about as well as I do. :)

Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas had the British and Canadian hit with From A Window, which is the second of the two songs in this live performance on US TV:

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Things Go Better with Freddie and the Dreamers

First a commercial starring Freddie and The Dreamers...

...and then a live performance of I'm Telling You Now on the Ed Sullivan show. Check out the syncopated dancing by the guitarists. They could have been Rockettes! (I'm laughing with I have two copies of the 45 of this song :))

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A groovy kind of post

Here's a YouTube file of the super-fab '60s song A Groovy Kind of Love.

The lead singer of this song is Eric Stewart, who sang lead for the group after Wayne Fontana left for a solo career. I note this because many of the video's photos include Wayne Fontana who, although he performs the song now on oldies shows, is not featured here.

You may see The Fontana-less Mindbenders do a live performance of the song on a 1960s British TV show here..

Why does this Public Service Announcement remind me of work? :)

"That's got to be one of the first female bass guitarists in rock"

Tell Me When by The Applejacks

A post for Meekophiles

Have I The Right, by The Honeycombs

Soeur Sourire--the disco remix!

I didn't think that Dominique by Soeur Sourire--The Singing Nun--needed a disco remix, but there you go!