Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Rachel Marsden and the sock puppets
(not a 1960s garage band :) )

Thanks to Kevin Michael Grace for mentioning that speculation is rife on the Frank Magazine online forums that one of their regular posters is actually Rachel Marsden posting while pretending to be a guy. Said poster is a big fan of hers, and lusts after her online. (Now that I have seen some of the current photos on Miss Marsden's website, I don't get it. She displays nasty attitude in the photos and some of her goth inspired photos are scary!)

The circumstantial case is good though, as who would have been following her work at the fairly obscure websites she writes for? It is interesting that one of the conditions set by her judge is that she has to use her own identity in all her e-mails. Has she been flaming her former lover(s) online, perhaps at the Frank site?

We shall see.