Thursday, January 01, 2004

The second meanest man in the world

Happy New Year!

My friend Kevin Michael Grace sends the Byfields (our former employer) to Coventry in this post. Let's hope this is a happier year than last for all the Report-niks.

On a happier note...for Christmas, my grandmother gave me a biography of Chris Wedes, also known as J. P. Patches, a much beloved Seattle morning TV childrens show host for many years. Lots of behind the scenes stuff, including notes on Bob Newman, who played the 17 other characters on the show. Oddly enough, I remember thinking as a little kid that Boris S. Wort--the "second meanest man in the world" was the second funniest character on the show.

Due to the many years I spent faithfully watching the show on the family TV set before hopping the back fence to go to school, my mother remembers more about the J.P Patches program than I do.

The book's author helpfully includes links to other kids shows that ran on Seattle TV stations from the 1950s to 1970's:

Brakeman Bill
Stan Boreson, who wielded a mean accordion.
and Don McCune, aka Captain Puget.

He also reccomends this online guide to Seattle pop culture.