Monday, July 12, 2004

The lady who kneecapped the Tories

You will, no doubt, recall the "controversial" Randy White remarks at the end of the last election.

Well, it turns out that a lady named Velma Cole is responsible for getting the Liberals information about the upcoming documentary and how they could contact its maker. The Liberals took it and ran with it and Ontario voters panicked like frightened sheep.

However, there is a "rest of the story."

Ms. Cole has a grudge against Mr. White. She wrote to a local paper that at a Tory nomination meeting in February, Mr. White said that a new Tory government would ban gay marriage and *all* abortions.

In response, many people who were at the meeting wrote letters to the local press saying that no, Mr. White didn't say anything like that.

The Langley Times reports that Ms. Cole then decided to clear her name, or as I would personally put it, take a piece out of Mr. White's carcass. She is quoted as saying "I was not prepared to go to my grave with liar written on my tombstone.".

But, strangely, the Times is unable to pull direct quotes from the documentary video footage promising a total ban on gay marriage and abortion under a new Tory goverment. Which, sadly, does not give me great confidence in Ms. Cole's memory.

P.S. For what it's worth, Mr. White now says that the Tories did not expect to get much more seats than they did on election night, but had to publicly pretend otherwise.

Hat tip: Jordan Bateman