Monday, November 22, 2004

Pardon while I pout

David Frum is understandably pleased that the Argonauts won yesterday's Grey Cup, but even if I didn't live and die with the fortunes of the Lions, I would raise my eyebrows after reading this:

My brother-in-law last year became part of a new ownership group for the long-troubled Argonauts, and since then the team somehow heaved itself out of the League basement and into the finals. BC dominated the early minutes of the game, but thanks to some crucial strategic miscalculations on the part of the stronger Western team, the Argos surged to win a 27-19 victory. One of the most exciting Cups in years, all agree..

I'd disagree. Although the Lions did make a try at tying the game late, I would say that the game went to the team making the least mistakes, and that was the Argos. The 2000 Grey Cup, won by the Lions on a last play field goal, was one of several recent Grey Cups that I would cite as more exciting than yesterday's game. I'm sure that Colby Cosh could point to several games, not involving the Lions, that CFL fans would agree are more exciting than yesterday's boo boo fest.

The game would be one of the most exciting wins for Argo fans. That, I would concede.