Thursday, April 07, 2005

I'm being flung directly into purgatory, without dying first, for this post

I don't mean to detract from Kathy Shaidle's fine updates following the death of the Pope, but after reading this:

"We're on a Mission from God"

That's the name of a book about Pope John Paul II from Ignatius Press , geared at Gen-X Catholics. Not surprisingly, Ignatius has plenty of JPII books on offer, including George Weigel's definitive bio, and the video version, which is more easily digestible....

...I wondered if anyone else immediately thought of the movie The Blues Brothers, as Jake Blues keeps on using the phrase "We're on a mission from God," to justify his exploits. In the movie, the Blues Brothers are hunted by Nazis, are shot at and almost blown up by a crazed lady, and tanks (and dozens of police cars) chase them into downtown Chicago.

I doubt, though, that being "on a mission from God" meant that John Paul II sang back up on "Stand By Your Man" during The Blues Brothers' set at Bob's Country Bunker (where they play both kinds of music, country and western). I'm fairly certain that His Holiness, who was a great Pope, had a different mission from God.