Sunday, May 29, 2005

Singing like an alley cat, part two. Or why you should never ask me to make you a mix tape

While reading Colby Cosh's thoughtful musings on recent pop music, I've been listening to the infamous Can't You Hear The Beat Of A Broken Heart? which I discuss a few posts below. My 45 of the Iain Gregory "song" has recently arrived from a used record store in England. It was very inexpensive, for some reason.

Can't You Hear The Beat Of a Broken Heart's lyrics are as wonderfully awful as the singing. A sample:

Can't you hear the beat of a broken heart?
Can't you see my love is dyin'?
Like the boom boom boom of a tom tom tom
Because I know that you're a-lyin'

Can't you see me sigh, when you pass me by?
Can't you hear my love a cryin'?
Like the woah woah woah of a cupid's bow
To find your heart, I'm a-tryin'...

To my dismay, none of the recent American Idol contestants covered this song. I fail to understand why. :)