Saturday, June 04, 2005

Top ten signs that you might be at a Christian show

I've just read an amusing post from blogger Dianna. I hope that she doesn't mind me quoting from it:


10) When it comes time to wave lighters, nobody has one.

9) No visible boobies.

8) You think you spotted a person carrying a six-pack...of Pepsi.

7) Instead of cussing, you hear people speaking in tongues.

6) Your fellow concert-goer knows the songs because she heard them in church.

5) There are middle-aged moms getting into the concert with more vim and vigor than you.

4) You recognize two of the guys in the opening band from Bible Camp.

3) All of the hot guys are sportin' wedding rings -- even among the under 20 crowd.

2) When someone steps on your toe in the mosh pit, they apologize...and then offer to pray for you.

1) One word: flaggers.

[I wonder if Dianna means road traffic control people in entry number one. Now that I deal with construction workers every day, that's what "flaggers" means to me...:)

I think that she means worhsippers who carry bug coloured flags to the front and dance around. It would be bizarrely funny the way that I first read it.

"Okay, the flagger is waving the moshers to the front of the hall. Her stop sign says "Go". Oh no, the lady with the flags is ignoring the flagger. Her flag is hitting the moshers..."]