Monday, October 17, 2005

Mystery Neo-con Theatre 3000

The way that Kathy Shaidle describes this conservative blogger video night in Toronto, I thought that they were giving a beloved liberal movie the Mike-and-the-'bots treatment. But no, they were just watching Red Dawn.

I'd be into that. I really like the guy, but I have MST3K moments when listening to my pastor's sermons.

Pastor: [After making a big analogy encouraging us to do our part for God by referring to just watching the film Kingdom of Heaven and learning how all the actors and actresses were almost fighting to get parts in it.]

"Just think, someday in heaven the story of the ages will play out and your role will be seen as really important..."

Rick: [Whispered aside to neighbour] "[The Pastor's] part will play out like a clip from Citizen Kane and my part will be a reel from Plan Nine From Outer Space."

I need to teach someday, so my pastor can get some payback. :)