Sunday, January 01, 2006

The greatest writers of all time!

Poking around the internet, I have found tribute sites to two great writers.

First, Lionel Fanthorpe, who didn't let the pressing deadlines for his science fiction novels impair his efforts to produce quality writing:

"To meet his grueling deadlines, Fanthorpe employed an unusual technique. He dictated his masterworks into a reel to reel tape recorder, oftentimes under the cover of a blanket to enhance his concentration. He would then ship those tapes off to a pool of typists for transcription. This created many unique problems. People who die in one chapter reappear a chapter or two later because it was forgotten that they were dead..."

If mysteries are more your style, you may learn more about Harry Stephen Keeler, who is thought to be the worst mystery writer ever:

"...In the late thirties, Keeler's style began to depart even further from normal prose. His books were dripping with outre elements (such as bordellos of freaks) and twisted into supremely convoluted webwork plots--but in many works, he removed almost all of the action from the immediate scene and presented it through dialogue. And often this dialogue consists of page after page of thick, artificial dialect..."