Saturday, December 23, 2006

If things do not get any easier after I understand, the songwriters will give me a refund?


Bad is when you buy a 49 cent single of the song that was even dramatized on Incorrect Music due to its mawkishness: Things Get A Little Easier (Once You Understand) by Think. Alas, due to a nasty crack, it skips, but I might be able to make it playable. (I already have it taped off the Incorrect Music show.)

"Your son is dead!"

(It's one of my guilty pleasues this week, along with the instrumental version of The Teddy Bears' Picnic, by Australian surf-rock band The Atlantics.)


Worse, however, is when you are a nighclub deejay and you mix this song into your dance music medleys as this person did:

"One of our best mixes with that song came when we mixed it with the Moody Blues 'Question' and Alice Cooper's 'Clones'. This combitnation was made for each other. "