Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Yellow light for Todd

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On, Sept. 22, 2014)

Todd Bentley evidently sees his recent trip to British Columbia as a success, as he's planning more.
From Sept. 25-28 he'll be back at Windword church in Langley Township, B.C.. This is where Brent Borthwick is pastor, and Bentley's starter wife and kids fellowship. {Borthwick has been involved in Bentley's providing of child support.)
I specify Langley Township, as it is not Abbotsford, his old stomping grounds. Windword is near Abbotford, but not *in* Abbotsford. But, as the video of his recent sermons there has Bentley implying or stating that he is in "Abbotsford" over and over again. Check it out in YouTube. I may post on the videos.

Then, from October 2-4, he'll be in Sherwood Park, Alberta, an Edmonton suburb. Oct. 5, he'll be in Sylvan Lake AB.

Not seeing the Christian equivalent of angry villagers with torches looking for the Frankenstein monster, he feels free to carry on. He should be able to visit with his kids too when he is in the Fraser Valley.

If you think that Todd Bentley is theologically troublesome, and there has been a reaction of "Meh" from B.C. Christians, that would perhaps be a sign that the sheep are napping. Would like to be wrong though.

I don't have a torch, as it were, but perhaps there's a bit of "If we ignore it, it will go away", is in play.