Sunday, August 24, 2003

Donald Duck, Christian worship singer

Off several pages from have to register, providing an e-mail address, to hear the music:

Tim Gibson Tim writes Christian worship songs and plays them solo with his guitar. They are songs to awaken the spirit to God and to be used in congregational worship or one's own quiet time with the Lord. He also sings like Donald Duck!

A fun version of Amazing Grace sung by Donald Duck.Please don't think this is trivializing the song asI don't think it is, but it's using a talent that I've used for kids camps that I believe will create a fresh interest in this beautiful song.

Story Behind the Song

When I saw there was an Amazing Grace radio
station on MP3 I thought it would be great to produce
a kids version and one that would also appeal to adults
using my talent of speaking and singing like
Donald Duck. This is the result.

Well. If you are brave, you could download Duck Praise, Mr. Gibson's "Donald Duckyfied" seven song CD. Here's the link.

He seems like a nice enough guy though. Here's his website.