Friday, August 29, 2003

I was lucky

Colby Cosh is still owed some money by the Byfields:

There is no word from the former publishers of the Report on back vacation pay or statutory severance, even though the 60-day "temporary layoff" we were coerced into observing has now ended. No doubt you'll be reading more about this on other sites quite soon. I'm puzzled that they have chosen to handle the matter this way (i.e., by not handling it), even granting that the remaining assets of the company don't amount to much. I'm owed at least C$8,000, by the most conservative possible accounting. Because I'm in such a tight financial fix, I would happily sign away the debt for a good deal less than $8,000, if it arrived (a) quickly and (b) in cash. Go ahead, guys, exploit me! I'm just sitting here!

Hmm...that's odd. I was only owed a few hundred dollars and was finally paid earlier this month. No kill fee for the stuff I was working on, but hadn't filed yet...but I guess that I got off relatively lucky.

Funny...the GST rebate that the government owed to the magazine was supposed to pay everyone off, I understand.