Sunday, December 07, 2003

From "Let's change the world!" to "Let's change where we put the deck chairs before we hit the iceberg."

A bittersweet Canadian Press story today on the death of the Canadian Alliance notes two things. First, that no grassroots movement/party like Reform will spring up for the next generation. Second, that even rightist pragmatists like Ralph Klein are conceeding the next election to Paul Martin.

Klein's quote:

"I don't think given the short time between the vote and the next election that there will be time to garner enough support to win a majority and form a government," Klein said in a telephone interview from a premiers' meeting in Charlottetown.

"But I think we will have a much more viable opposition that will provide in the future the groundwork for perhaps another Conservative government."

How is this going to inspire anyone to do anything for the party? "We can have a Mulroney Tory style government in 2008!" Oh joy.