Thursday, March 25, 2004

It's...alive! [sound of booming thunder, close up of face of Dr. Frankenstein lit by lightning :) ]

I'm happy to report that The Western Standard's website is up and running which means that the magazine is finally out. Cool. Now if only I can find a newstand west of Edmonton that carries it.

Huzzahs to my ex-colleagues Kevin Steel and Terry O'Neill who are contributors to the magazine and have articles posted there.

Update: I'm happy to report that Ezra et. al sent me (as a former AR subscriber) a freebie of the first issue. Thanks :) Got it in the mail today, if Ezra's mail-room minions are keeping track. It's cover dated March 12 and went to press before Stephen Harper was elected Conservative leader last weekend.

And Victor Olivier, my old Record colleague is back writing The Record and like AR's, this Record is chock full of obits.