Saturday, March 13, 2004

[sound of spit take]

I'm reading between the lines in this Human Events story on the Western Standard by a friend of Ezra Levant's. Emphasis mine:

"While the Western Standard is launching on the Report's subscriber base, Ezra Levant's personal flair and charisma and his penchant for taking issues head-on in spite of potential controversy, along with the young, fresh group of Canadian conservatives that Levant has already recruited, will ensure the Western Standard has a very different flavour from the now defunct Alberta Report....

....But, Levant is not only a publisher of a new Canadian conservative magazine, he is also a ray of light for many grassroots conservatives that continue to diligently work towards defeating the Liberals in Ottawa.

I wish Ezra Levant well, but there's much to be said for Ted Byfield's old "I'm just a newsman, not a highfalutin' journalist" approach. A "ray of light"....oy gevalt. Well, I don't think Ezra has aspirations to be the next Enver Hoxha. Mr. Levant should ask his friends to go easy on the hyperbole until everyone figures out for themselves that he is a useful labourer in the fields of the Lord.

Thanks to Kathy for the link.