Thursday, December 01, 2005

In Nancy Drew: Bad Girl, one of the lesser known films in the Nancy Drew series, Nancy goes undercover as a cigarette girl in a cheap waterfront dive, and...

This afternoon, Turner Classic Movies will be broadcasting the Nancy Drew movies from the late 1930s. I was curious to learn a little more about the films, in which a young Bonita Granville played the teenaged crime solver, so I ran "Bonita Granville" and "Drew" through Google's image search.

After doing the search, I found that a very nice lady with an interesting site on acting had captioned a photo of an adult Bonita Granville, who is dressed in a low-cut blouse and smoking a cigarette (scroll down to the last of the pictures on the page), as "Bonita Granville aka Nancy Drew".

"Yeah, I'll look at your $%#$% clues. Just let me finish my &%*$%* cigarette first!"

( ;) )