Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Where am I going to get my "Man with the 1985 B.C. Lions hat" updates?"

Well, I can't force Jordan Bateman to continue his personal blog if he no longer wishes to do so. Yes, we still have Langley Politics, but I thought that what he was writing about, regarding the rest of his life, was interesting too.

I had wanted to buy the book that he is writing. As a writer emeritus, I found his writing projects to be interesting. But, alas, those are not the sort of things that he would be posting about in Langley Politics.

Even if I did write a lot more for The Shotgun, I don't think I would stop blogging here. You need to have a place to mess around on the net, and posts about The Singing Dogs don't cater to the Western Standard's demographic. (Although, reading all those allusions to Star Trek in the National Review Online blog The Corner, I can't be too sure about that :))

His blog was fun to read. Thanks, Jordan.

(I would post items, as he did, about "The Guy With A 1985 B.C. Lions hat, but I write entirely too much about myself here already ;) )