Saturday, January 05, 2013

The word on Afshin Javid starts to spread

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On, June 2, 2012] Brenda Klemke, the former administrator for Afshin Javid's ministry, is not letting the grass grow under her feet.

You'll remember Bene D's comprehensive post on Klemke, linking to her public written remarks, where she regrets ever getting involved with Javid.

Well, she is on Facebook too, and has started to post a link to her remarks on the Walls of her Facebook "friends". On May 29, she put this on Faytene Grasseschi's Wall:

I owe you an apology. in October of 2008, under deep deception, I co-founded the ministry of I AM thirsty with Afshin Javid. Please find my apologies here.

Underneath is a typed out hyperlink link that goes here

Brenda Klemke's own Facebook Wall shows that she appears to have posted a similar note to 17 other Walls on Facebook. Faytene's Wall merely being the latest.

Faytene has updated her status on her Wall since then. So I am guessing she has seen Klemke's note. As she had Javid on her stage at The Cry Vancouver, I wonder what her response would be. (It might be a puzzler for her, as her ministries remian interested in "mercy ministries'. That would be quite contrary tothe sort of spirit that people are now saying that Javid shows.]

Will this mean that what's happening here will start to reach "critical mass", demanding more widespread public attention?