Saturday, December 21, 2002

Equipment manager plays goalie and wins

On to a happier sports story. Joe Franke of the United Hockey League's Fort Wayne Komets is a hero today. He's usually the equipment manager for the team, but had to step in and play goalie with 11 minutes left in a game...even though the 42 year old hadn't played hockey, aside from beer league netminding, since high school. In the Canadian Press story, he says that he doesn't plan to play goal again:

"No, sir," he says. "I get paid to take care of the equipment, not play goal. "Plus, I'm an old fart."

Here's a column from the local Fort Wayne paper about Franke's heroics.

By the way, Mr. Franke replaced Pokey Reddick, the former NHL netminder, in goal.

Those who remember the old Canadian TV commercial may end this blog entry by chanting "Albert! Albert! Albert!" now.