Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Why isn't Spock wearing a fez?

I didn't know that ColbyCosh also has a fondness for bad movies. He passes along this really funny review of the super cheap and cheezy Turkish version of Star Trek.

Too bad it doesn't have subtitles. I would look into buying it then, if it wasn't too expensive. Yes, really.

I'm a movie buff, and I like to watch all sorts of films. I particularly like older movies, enjoying their merits and chuckling at their faults. When a good friend of mine dropped by a while back, she looked at my video collection and said, "Oh wow, you have *new* movies too?"

Mystery Science Theater 3000 is my favourite TV show. This week I was writing a story on a giant spider web in Northern B.C. and I though to myself as I was writing the lede, "This vaguely reminds me of the film 'Beginning of the End', where Peter Graves has to save Chicago from the army of mutant giant grasshoppers." I doubt that would come to the mind of any other Report writer.