Tuesday, December 17, 2002

He's sorry, all right

David Ahenakew has apologized for his remarks. The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix version of the story is interesting because it includes this comment here:

Ahenakew "was never very politically correct," said Doug Cuthand, who worked with Ahenakew in the 1970s.
"His attitudes towards not just the Jews, but other races and women were fairly backward."

If this was so obvious to people, then why was Ahenakew elected to all the various province-wide native positions he held? Why was he named to the Order of Canada? It's infuriating. If aboriginals want respect, they should insist that their leaders respect everyone. Sorry, Indians shouldn't indulge in "payback". If we accept the native argument that they are victims, the rest of us may reasonably assume that should know better than anyone else how people should, and should not, be treated.

I haven't seen the full apology statement but as he is quoted in the press, he apologizes for hurting people's feelings, being too emotional, etc. Did he say that any of his anti-Jewish diatribes were factually wrong?