Sunday, February 09, 2003

"Fox turned into a hard-core sex channel so gradually that I didn't even notice...."

Michael Winnick has some useful advice to increase traffic to your weblog, and a wry sense of humour too as you may see here:

....submissions and meta tags should be crafted to maximize the number of times your site gets brought up in a search result. You know what that means: Porn.

Rumor has it that the top 100 keywords on all the search engines involve some obscenity and 15 misspellings of Pamela Andersen's name. Instead of fighting the flow, Fillet [a culinary webzine he uses an an example--R.H.] should rush to join it. Not in the brash and unsubtle manner of sites like Swoon and Persian Kitty that simply pepper their meta tags with smut, but in a more elegant and honest way. A good description for Fillet may include phrases like "big meats," "oral pleasure," and words like "hot," "steaming," and "amateur." "Searching for the latest hot information on dining, Fillet is an amateur Web site housing recipes for steaming big meats and other culinary forms of oral pleasure." Complete nonsense, but very effective.

Hmm....I don't think it will work, as Rick's Miscellany seems to be a mellow weblog so far. No hot or steaming yet. If anyone does have meta-tage suggestions for me after reading my weblog, please let me know. I welcome non-steaming advice.