Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Little Marcy...hip to be square?

In the subculture of those who like strange and obscure music, Marcy Tigner, the 1960s Christian ventriloquist behind Little Marcy, is a bit of a celebrity. It's amusingly surprising, as Little Marcy spends all her time singing in a super high voice about Jesus, and Mrs. Tigner (whom you will meet in the link), is quite serious.

It must be one of those hip to be square things. The reSEARCH book Incredibly Strange Music is probably what started the mini-craze. Recently, a Little Marcy souvenir pin was bid up over $50 on eBay!

Other pages on the site linked above, by the way, have MP3s of Little Marcy songs that you can listen to. Album covers too.