Sunday, September 28, 2003

Burmese Land is like monkey land...

Due to Raven's kind invitation, I'm a new co-author of the Hot Links weblog.

I began by sharing one of my fave bookmarks. It's Incorrect Music, a website devoted to the show of the same name. Incorrect Music, hosted by Irwin Chusid and Michelle Boule, aired on WFMU (a Jersey City New Jersey co-op free form radio station) from 1997 to 2002.

Here's part of a description of the show from its website:

....We present an asylum of crackpot and visionary music, covering sounds that are atrocious, outsider, blasphemous, or just plain WRONG, from the Shaggs and Shooby Taylor to Shatner.

For our little musical Mütter Museum, we seek the melodically adrift and the harmonically without anchor -- musicians cast away on their own musical islands. A true "Incorrect" artist must be sincere and lack self-awareness. A severe irony deficiency helps. Any humorous overtones to their work must be unintentional. Evoking the name "Weird" Al Yankovic is immediate disqualification from the realms of Incorrectness. We don't play bad karaoke tapes, the Singing Dogs or Mrs. Miller. Dr. Demento ain't our thing.

We don't present comedy — we're engaged in anthropology.

If you are intrigued, about half of the shows are archived here.

It's inspired me to start a little incorrect music collection of my own...