Wednesday, September 03, 2003

The stars didn't predict this

A Canadian professor--Ivan Kelly of the University of Saskatchewan--has helped with a study in the latest issue of the Journal of Consciousness Studies which debunks astrology. Prof. Kelly and Australian scientist and former astrologer Geoffrey Dean studied 2,000 people born in 1958. They "studied more than 100 different characteristics, including occupation, anxiety levels, marital status, aggressiveness, sociability, IQ levels and ability in art, sport, mathematics and reading - all of which astrologers claim can be gauged from birth charts", notes this Telegraph story on their study.

However, they found that when they grouped all the people by their date of birth that something unusual happened, if you put credence in astrology. Those who were born on the same day were often widely different from each other in many areas of their lives, instead of being sterotypical Leos, Scorpios and such.

Anyways, the Telegraph story has more details if you are interested.