Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Stop press

Toronto journalist Kevin Libin, who has spent three years writing for Canadian Buisness, is to be the new editor of Ezra Levant's new Alberta Report, reports The Ambler. It doesn't hurt that Mr. Libin's family has Scrooge McDuck-vault amounts of cash.

Hmm, expect the new magazine to have few old AR hands, if any at all. Just a hunch I have, as the appointment of an editor is always decisive. I would suspect that Ezra wants to remake the magazine in his own image, which is of course his right. Urban conservatism, with a blend of the old Idler tossed in. Something that doesn't frighten the horses in Toronto.

That makes sense for Ezra to do. He is disinclined to try talk radio, the door to federal politics is barred to him for now after he gave up his chance at a seat so Harper could run in Calgary. Becoming Ted Byfield 2.0 seems to be the best way for Ezra to get the lasting influence that he wants.