Monday, February 23, 2004

To blog, or not to blog

My friend and former colleague Jeremy Lott, on why he isn't blogging so much any more.

He notes that a serious illness has caused him to think about the eternal significance of what he would be blogging about. This is something that I think about too, and I have no quarrel with with what he writes.

This is a quote about his second reason:

One reason for this is that this editing thing can really take of you. Between the business end of things, the website, and the print edition of the Spectator, my writing has been scaled back rather drastically. Even freelancing has become difficult. This week, I told an editor I thought I'd have a review to him on Monday. In fact, it took until Friday, at 4:30 in the afternon. And if I don't have the energy to freelance, I shore don't have what it takes to blog.

Fair enough, but as someone who isn't being paid for his writing much these days, I'm finding that I am rediscovering my love of just writing and commenting on things. And now I can comment and quote on what I want to, while trying not to be excessively self-indulgent and keeping in mind what I think my readers might be interested in too

After spending years and years in the student press, working for a burger or slice of pizza per article I wrote, I am finding that blogging, for no pay, is not hard.

It's a fun thing to do while I am slowly gearing up to freelance again...

Perhaps Jeremy needs to find the fun parts of his day job, or find ways to make his freelancing fun. Let's wish him good luck on that quest.