Monday, February 16, 2004

"We can mate with rabbits"?!?

The wondrous Irwin Chusid submits this amazing post to the Outsider Music e-list:

Julien Aklei

"We Can Mate with Rabbits"


Playing and writing constantly, Julien's devotional fervor has led her to
live her life based on Divine aesthetics: Eternal Youth, Absolute Beauty,
Infinite Levity, and Selfless Humility, as she was guided to in training
from Angelic companions. ...

Julien feels her life mission is to walk the whole Earth and sing
everywhere, in both conventional settings, and also natural settings. In mid
2003, Julien received an Angelic visitation with a message, that she must
dedicate her life to spreading the Almighty's Word and help humanity develop
into lifestyles more akin to Life in Heaven. The message is the idea "We can
mate with Rabbits." Commonly understood to be a pagan symbol, Julien has
been told that the Rabbit is one of the Virgin Mary's special creatures, and
as a symbol will introduce a new vitality into the human mind.