Friday, April 16, 2004

A character question that I haven't seen asked so far.

Watching the earliest BCTV coverage of Svend Robinson's shoplifting incident yesterday, I was struck by something that I did not hear from those offering comments.

If a conservative politician had stolen an expensive ring, you would have heard comments on how his career was derailed due to a lack of moral character that also exhibited itself in cuts in social programs, etcetera. Yet, I haven't seen anyone share an opinion that this is part of a pattern, in Robinson's life, of doing things that are foolish and wrong. Instead reporters were reaching for events like the hiking accident that Robinson suffered several years ago, to explain his recent lapse of moral judgement.

I am wondering if Bill C-250 is already starting to work, giving gay politicians immunity from criticism. Reporters should be free to say that gay politicians, like other politicians, can be wise or foolish completely aside from their sexual preferences. *Should* be, anyways.

Let's see how this plays out.