Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Psst, Colby, it's Satan!

The morning after, Colby Cosh makes some comments on his neat
2004 Hockey Playoffs Page:

...Calgary and Vancouver, meanwhile, provided an immaculately scripted OT ending to one of the most absurdly dramatic first-round series ever played. I mean, are you kidding me--Vancouver evens up a Game Seven with 5.7 seconds on the clock? Who writes this stuff?....

Someone with a taste for schaudenfreude, I'd say.

[Evil genius hockey god writing game six] "Let's see, I'll have the Canucks blow a 4 goal lead, let Calgary tie, and then let the Canucks win in the third overtime. That should get their hopes up."

[and writing game seven] "I know what I'll make happen in this game, I'll have the Canucks score what the CKNW radio crew calls an "act of God" goal to tie the game late. Then, I'll have Calgary win by scoring on what seemed like the 18th rebound in a power play flurry right in front of the Canuck net."

Oh well, there's always next year. You can't complain too hard if the Canucks do everything but win the series. Nevertheless, this fan has to wonder if the team has to be rebuilt to become a team designed to flourish and win in the playoffs, even if that would mean that the Canucks become so dull and defensive that they just squeak in with a seventh or eigth place regular season finish.