Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Mazel tov, Fido!

This Vancouver Courier story demonstrates that some people will go to great lengths to celebrate their dogs. I like dogs a lot, but I thought this a bit unusual

Emphasis mine:

Dressed in two bows, one glitter and one taffeta, Max the Jack Russell terrier arrived at Fetch in Kerrisdale last week to celebrate the inaugural Yappy Hour, a combination wine and cheese party for humans and treat cornucopia for dogs....

....Almost everyone attending the event agrees Vancouverites do love their dogs. Robyn Spink, owner of Maple Ridge-based Barking Biscuit Bakery, which catered the gourmet dog treats for the event, said people here treat their dogs like family and that shows in the work she does. Growing in popularity is an event called "bark mitzvahs"-small celebrations organized after a male dog has been neutered.

[Gosh Fido, why aren't you enjoying your party? Oh, I see...]

"....Spink has catered many events at Fetch, including a Hawaiian-themed party that offered Hawaiian pizzas, and...has been hired to supply the dog food and treats for an upcoming canine wedding....

"This is our first wedding, but there was one in Victoria recently that was completely catered," she said. "They even had a stag for the male dog and bachelorette party for the female. I know it might sound crazy, but people love their dogs..."

*Sounds* crazy? I wouldn't say so, but some people might...