Sunday, January 23, 2005

Tom Servo, Polygamist

Colby Cosh writes a thoughtful post on the gay marriage debate in Canada, and what do I do? I wonder if that is a distant relative of Tom Servo of MST3K fame at the extreme left in the artwork of that Mormon family in his post.

I think polygamy is very objectionable. But, I should dig out a B.C. Report story that I did on the polygamous Mormons of Bountiful B.C.. I interviewed the "head wife" of a family and she told me about the unusual way that she and her "sister Wives" ran things. They would take tuens sleeping the the same bed as the husband. Some of the wives specialized in househoild tasks. Two would do all the cooking, one would watch the kids in the afternoon. Propaganda i know, but I think that I am one of the few journalists to get that side of the story.

Too bad that I didn't get a detailed report on polygamy at Bountiful before I filed my story. I would have taken a strip off the polygamists if I had had that material at hand.