Wednesday, February 16, 2005

And I *want* to dream about Pat Sajak?

I really like Jordan Bateman's blog, but I think that I got up on the wrong side of bed before reading the post below this morning.

Mr. Bateman dreams about Johnny Cash and Pat Sajak and the following happens. Emphasis mine:

In the days and weeks that have followed that dream, something miraculous has happened. My writing has accelerated. In Journalism School, I was always the fastest in every assignment; at the paper, I was quick as lightning. It never occurred to me that there was the possibility of a higher speed.....

[1)On behalf of those of us writers who grind out words as if we are passing kidney stones, I'd like to note that his modesty here is very becoming.
2)If he writes "as quick as lightning", and then writes even faster, does that mean that now Jordan fiinishes his assignments before they are given to him by his editors? :) ]

But things that took me a month before the Johnny Cash dream are now taking me a week. Things that took weeks are now taking days. Things that took days are done in hours. It's bizarre. And the quality of the writing hasn't slipped---in fact, I'm getting better feedback than ever before. That dream upgraded my gift.....What else can I say? God is too good to us. I've blogged this not to brag but to encourage you to ask for the impossible. It could happen to you!.

1) And what if it doesn't "happen to you" because you are a more useful writer for the Lord's purposes if you write slowly? Does that mean God is bad?
2) My crankiness aside, wouldn't be be appropriate for Jordan to pray for those of us not blessed with his writing speed?

It's a neat story though, and I shouldn't pick on him for sharing it. I will now return to bed and get up on the right side now. :)