Friday, February 11, 2005

Reader e-mails

I'm amazed that I got reader e-mails recently.

Andrew Krupowicz amiably replies to my recent posts on the CUP conference. He notes that sponsors underwrote the Lewis Lapham speech fee, which is good.

He also writes that CUPies now meet in January because hotels and flights are cheaper. Meeting then is not a big deal, he argues, as CUPies have access to lots of donated Macs and other computers.

As someone who had to eat at Tortellini's (aka "Plastic Pasta") or the UBC student pub in order to get a free meal on the nights that we put out The Ubyssey, I can empathize with CUPpies' efforts to save a buck or two. That said, unless these computers have Internet connections that allow the student journalists to not miss class lectures (which I sincerely doubt was the case), CUPpies are missing their first responsibility, attending classes. Saving money is a good thing, but classes are important too.

I'll stop writing like an old crank now. :)

Perhaps other bloggers would have something to say about another e-mail that I received. It is in French, from a recently divorced lady in France, who seems to be looking for a romantic relationship. A photo is attached to the e-mail.

It's only a generic e-mail which does not mention my weblog. I am curious to know whether other bloggers get fan mail like this: "Oh Instapundit, I love you, I want to marry you..."

If that sort of thing can happen to rock stars or actors, can it happen to bloggers too?

My goodness, I'm not hoping. Just asking.