Thursday, February 17, 2005

A post that I wish I had written

Anthony is bang on in his point that the phrase "How are you?" is really overused:

"How are you," "How's it going," and the like, have become clausal synonyms of words like "hello," "what's up," "hey there," and so on. Wouldn't it be awesome if we lived as a community of Jesus followers that honestly answered the question when we saw each other because we were honestly asked?

In my job, I am continually talking to people who use the phrase "How are you?" as something to say when pursuing business. I know that as my job includes a lot of customer service, so I put up with it when I know full well that they don't want to know how I am really doing.

There goes my career in sales, I guess.

So, as a small gesture, I only ask how people are doing when I don't mind hearing how they really are doing, or I really want to know. So, Anthony's further points in his post are well taken.