Monday, March 28, 2005

At least the Prince of Darkness is hiring :)

Thanks to the fabulous Charles Stough, an update of sorts to this earlier tongue-in-cheek post of mine:

Doug Marlette repels readers who call him a tool of
Satan, he told the November-December [2003]edition of Columbia Journalism
Review. He tells them "That's impossible. I couldn't be a tool of Satan.
The Charlotte Observer's personnel department tests for that sort of
thing. They try to screen for tools of Satan. Knight Ridder human
resources has a strict policy against hiring tools of Satan."
What got him the hate mail this time was a cartoon of a terrorist at
the wheel of a truck carrying a nuke and the caption, "What would
Mohammed drive?"
(Explainer to distant readers: Ecologists opposed to driving
fuel-guzzling sport utility vehicles buy ads saying "What would Jesus