Friday, December 05, 2014

They could use that old barn out back

[Posted at Bene Diction Blogs On November 4. 2014]

There will be at least one sequel to the new Left Behind with Nicolas Cage, says filmmaker Paul Lalonde.

In a statement released on the Left Behind fan page on Facebook…

…Lalonde announced that he feels compelled to keep the series going:

“… I woke up in the night, and for whatever reason, the answer seemed clear. Of course we are’! I’m not sure what it might look like or how big it might be. But we will continue the story. We have to…”
/It will be “a challenge” he says. But the plan has always been several movies based on the novels, with the first concentrating on the Rapture. (Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland leading efforts to “put on a show” comes to mind, But there’s not necessary anything wrong with that.)

Dare we hope that there will be anything purposely evangelical in the sequels? I predict potential backers will insist on it.