Monday, December 22, 2014

Todd Bentley's wife is pregnant

It should be noted for the record that Jessa Bentley, the second wife of Todd Bentley, is well along with being pregnant. It was confirmed by an e-mail to his supporters a few weeks ago, complete with photo of a very pregnant Jessa.

A few days ago, she tweeted this:

"I feel huge! #27weeks, 6months and 3weeks along. Can't believe I only have less than 13weeks to go! 󾌯 Please..."

Whether Todd Bentley should have remarried was probably a central issue in the aftermath of the collapse of the Lakeland Revival. Possible unsound theology, excesses on stage, people didn't seem to want to get a handle on that. Mentor Rick Joyner and Bentley were probably getting a lot of blowback on that, as the pair spent a bit of effort arguing why Bentley had to divorce Shonnah and city the theology that allowed for the divorce.

Bentley, in occasional e-mails in recent months, has taken pains to quote Christian leaders of the past. Perhaps he thought they were wise, but probably, it may be to appeal to traditionalist conservative Christians who feared he was a heretic.

The baby is nice enough, but if you believe Christians are allowed to marry once and not divorce and remarry, it makes another divorce unlikely.

Todd Bentley can probably never remarry Shonnah and return to his stater set of kids, now.

If he sinned in his divorce, this is a sin he can never repent of.

Any chance of appealing to an audience that isn't on the wilder side of the charismatic movement, is slipping away.