Thursday, April 03, 2003

One heart. Grade A, large

Victor Olivier, my magazine's editorial assistant, has retired. Why should I care, you say? Well,
Victor is a model of how to create a better atmosphere in your workplace by encouragement, hard work and good humour. Building hope in other employees, instead of detracting from it. If your co-workers are unregenerate bastards, it might do you some good to know how one nice co-worker can make a difference.

Some tributes to Victor from:
Kevin Steel and
Kevin Michael Grace and
Dave Stevens

It would be gilding the lily to add much to these. But I would like to mention that Victor, who collaborated with me on the Record section of the magazine, had a little running joke that he liked to say when we occasionally spoke on the phone.

"Hello, this is Rick calling," I would say over the phone.
"Hello, Mr. Calling. How are you?" he would reply.