Thursday, April 24, 2003

Nardwuar Mania!

If you recently went to the University of B.C., you may remember my old acquaintance Nardwuar The Human Serviette.

Mr. Serviette has a habit of popping up at press conferences and other places in order to ask the most amazing questions. He elicited the comment "I put pepper on my plate" from Jean Chretien --you can see and hear the details here. During his encounter with Ernest Angley the evangelist was so exasperated that he almost tried to cast demons out of Nardwuar.

I'm happy to see that he is still on the UBC radio station CiTR...17 years and counting. The above link, which talks about his career a little bit, is a promo for the upcoming CiTR reunion. This is a good biographical article. His website has lots of audio files of his aural misadventures.

He's off the beaten path and back again and then off the other side, but he's a nice guy. I suggest you check it out.