Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Who needs the Arrow?

An article, complete with diagrams, from a June 1955 issue of LOOK Magazine speculates that all those pesky flying saucers are actually the fault of the Canadians. Canadian scientists working for the A.V.Roe company, the article hypothesizes, had developed working models of UFOs.

No wonder Diefenbaker shut down the Arrow fighter program. With all this Plan 9 From Outer Space technology, RCAF airplanes were completely unnecessary.

Be reassured, however, that my tongue is in my cheek. Project overruns, however, might explain all those Trudeau and Mulroney era budget deficits. ("Yes, we urgently need to spend all that money on 'bilingualism' and 'social programs', or else the Martians will, er um, or else our people will suffer...")

(very large :) )