Friday, April 25, 2003

Exercise, or don't graduate

As you will see in this story, the British Columbia government is making it a requirement that spend at least 80 hours doing some sort of exercising, before you can graduate from high school! Education minister Christy Clark says that you can use yoga or even going snowboarding as part of your graduation requirement.

Some random thoughts:

1. If the B.C. government really believed that its students have to be fit, it would spend enough money to hire enough teachers and buy enough equipment so that students could take compulsory P.E. 11 and P.E. 12 classes. Doing this is a bit of an empty gesture...

2....but an annoying gesture. What business is it of the government's that I am fit or not, if I am a student? If they are going to get involved in that, then they shouldn't be as libertarian when it comes to other moral issues affecting students.

3. If they have to enforce this idea, what safeguards do they have to ensure that students actually do these things? Are they going to bring back the Participaction tests...if so, I would be the oldest Grade six student ever.