Sunday, March 09, 2003

After reading my "giant Cheeto" updates...

...which are located here and here and in the previous post just below this may wish to
visit Blogster.Net's top weblogs page and sample some of what is found there. Caveat emptor, of course. Some of the blogs there appear not to be my cup of tea. That said, they may be neither too hot nor too cold but, rather, just right for you.

By the way, I expect someone to start any second now. Giant Cheeto weblog!All giant Cheetos! All the time! ( :) )

And also by the way, Food TV broadcasts a fascinating program called Unwrapped. If you see their episode on Party Snacks, you will see how they make Cheetos. Cheetos are very good but many Canadians know that the world champion cheese curl snacks are Hawkins' Cheezies, which are made in Ontario.